Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

It’s important for every man to know how much girls like to be teased. Teasing and torturing is going to be one of your major weapons in your gaming arsenal. A girl teasing and being teased is sending you pheromones through the air – it’s her way of saying she’s turned on, and she’s getting warmed up for a good session of fucking. Girls after all just want to have fun.

Most of your early interactions with a girl should be teasing her – being playful, and sexual. You here a lot about passing shit tests, displaying dhv’s etc in the game-o-sphere, but really these are just methods of showing men who don’t know how to tease girls what they may be doing wrong. I want you to look back at all your failures with girls, look back at that text that made her communication go dead, think back to that shift in your interaction with her, think back about any argument you got in with a girl, and you will probably find, you took what she said too seriously.

Afc’s will jump at any attempt of shaming or hand playing by a girl against him and try and amog the girl and display his ‘alphaness’ to her – usually this is a result of some seemingly backhanded shit test, or sometimes even a playful shit test, but the man takes offense to what she says and he will react. It’s the most devious shit test. Because she’s playing you for what she’s seeing from you. She sees a man trying too hard to be dominant, and she’ll drop these subtle shit test challenges to see if you explode, to see if you are in control of your emotions, to see if you have amused mastery over your self. If you react to her, you get blown out, she leaves, her tingle goes bye bye.

Girls love teasing guys. Some love it so much that’s all they really want to do is tease guys. They want you to be able to tease back and hold you’re own against them. They want the escape, and they want the fun, when they’re getting with a guy, you should be making her laugh all the time, not at your witty jokes but with your superior wit to hers. Teasing, playing, not taking what she says seriously, is the key to keeping her wanting to keep coming back for more of your attention – and it makes the sexual tension thick enough to cut with a knife – and it will make her pent up with sexuality that it’s only a matter of time before she jumps on your lap.

Texting can be the easiest way for girls to root out beta’s and afc’s. Taking her texts seriously is a major shit test. I look at text messaging as an over all shit test. I don’t have any rules about not texting a girl, I do it all the time, it’s great for warming her up, and setting the stage to sex. But the very nature of texting is a shit test. One, how available are you? You need to not always finish the text convo’s, you need not always reply right away. It’s okay to do so most of the time if the convo is flowing like that, but you need to mix it up even just a little. Wait a few hours to respond every now and then, sometimes days. But if you only say one word answers in your texts, you’re not gonna get anywhere unless she thinks you’re a super alpha, even then she’ll assume you aren’t interested and just give up. Also texting is a shit test, because she’ll easily say things that will cause a reaction – it is the only time that girls, even if they are interested in you, know they can change the frame easily without staring into your dreamy eyes. It’s easier than talking on the phone (the old way of shit testing a guy). There is no visual or tactile influence on her while she texts, she is only going on images in her head, and her feelings towards you.

This is what makes texting a girl so dangerous. Because you are not there, if you say the wrong thing, there’s nothing but her awkward, or disgusted, or angry feelings and a phone for her to be looking at. No amount of texting or not texting will be able to overcome losing frame, of failing shit tests on texts. But, like all things risky, the rewards are higher than if you don’t text or know how to. The rule should be the same, never take any text she says at face value or seriously. It’s an attempt to test your alphaness and your emotional stability. If she says something that really irks you, text a change of subject text, do not, i repeat, do not ignore the text and not reply. Not replying to texts is sometimes a clear indicator that she got to you. Recognize when you see a text that is designed to get you off your frame, and reframe it with something non-sequitur. Ignore and deflect. If you pass, she won’t mention it again, but girls are a little more daring through texts. They will push a lot harder than she would in person, probably because the risk of being over powered is non existent.

The types of texts that are good for ignoring for long periods of times: direct questions, like “what are you doing?”, “Can we hang out tomorrow?” – those texts are good to give a little time to respond.  Also, do not text her for at least a day if she goes cold for whatever reason. It’s most likely a test, or she lost interest. You may be trying to figure out what you said, or what you did, but you either did nothing, or you said something, usually it’s just one of those triggers in a girl, don’t beat yourself up. But if you text, you’re definitely done, if she didn’t lose interest and was just busy, she will with your persistent needy text of asking her why she isn’t responding.

I don’t think text game gets enough air time in gaming worlds, most say it’s alpha to only say one word answers. It’s just not that simple. It’s even okay for you to text her longer text, especially erotic and sexual texts, just only do it once and a while. 

Again, whether it’s texting, talking on the phone, or in person, keep it light, keep teasing her, keep it fun and funny. Girl’s want to have fun, if you don’t take them seriously, it’s both automatically passing every shit test, and DHV’ing. So, play on soldiers.

3 thoughts on “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

  1. good posts donlak been fairly depressed lately

    my internet attempts ded and in person i am hardly outside, very lethargic just sleep and dissapointment heh

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