Failure Can Breed Success

For any man who has awareness, knows game either through learning it, or from being a natural, his failures can be even a better stepping stone for future successes. We all, no matter how alpha, even the super alpha’s like rock stars and movie stars, have failures with girls. More often for super alpha’s with famous cred it will be in their past, but the failures produce a few positive results for those that are strong enough and diligent enough to fight through any soul kill.

The reasons you can take positives away from failures are as follows. Let’s say you blow it with a girl, but there was some attraction there, you banged her or you didn’t. The fact that there was attraction means you can attract others. Remember that when your soul is attacked. If you attract one 9, 8, 7, etc. You can attract another and another.

When you fail with a girl, even when getting blown out at a pick up stage, it gives you valuable feedback on your behavior and tendencies you may not be aware of had you not even approached or tried.

Also, even with the crushing blow to ones ego, when a situation isn’t going to work out it’s better for you to quickly get out of the situation and recover from it as soon as possible, into the arms of another girl if possible. This allows you the complete clean slate to use your new found knowledge to get back at it with a plethora of new options.

If you can manage to be calm, and even tempered during a failure, you will be able to clearly see the upside to a failure. Even the best of us have instances that leave us hurt and smashing up our homes in unbridled passion. If you aren’t smashing things after losing a sweet beautiful girl – you aren’t human. It’s alpha to smash. It’s beta to weep.

All in all, look to the possibilities rather than the cold despair of a loss.

That is all.

4 thoughts on “Failure Can Breed Success

  1. I agree with taking feedback from failure only as a means of giving yourself a kick in the ass to change your ways and stop failing. Being analytical and looking at yourself objectively is major difficult. What you want to do with your newfound perspective is to go out and start succeeding, by approaching more and taking enjoyment out of incremental victories. Success breeds more success, as you evinced with your Tom Brady post a few months back. A true winner doesn’t accept failure, doesn’t anguish over it; he chocks it up as part of the learning curve, and when he has a setback he views a loss as a stepping stone to the next great conquest!

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