The Elusive “Catch”

As you become an adept in game and the force becomes a strong ally in serving you some sweet dishes that nourish your growing alpha needs until you’re full and you toss their used bodies aside for the quest of new poon; you may uncover a girl that seems to have the qualities you look for in a long term potential – through and through. 9/10 in looks – sweet as hell, playful, says what she wants with the curious way of not demanding, one who’s aware of her status and beauty that she has her expectations, but seems to feed the desire machine in direct proportions to her wants and desires. During your courtship you’re seeing the difference between a girl with expectations and demands, as apposed to a girl who expresses her demands – and has the qualities to back those up (unlike her over ego inflated counterparts of 6-7’s who act like their 9’s).

There is a difference in girls. When we talk about over inflated ego in the stratosphere girls – it’s the girls who act hotter and more valuable than they are. And they demand and require strict gaming. But what about the rare bird who does fit the bill. The one where most men would quake in their boots just to try and talk to them? We don’t see a lot of talk about what to do with a girl that actually is hot, sexy, sweet, and playful and kind. A girl who strangely seems to not need active game (strong internal alphaness is a perquisite for any 9 or 10 to even make it through an opening sentence). But let’s say you have made it through, by being confident and aloof and funny. What do you do when a girl deserves more rewards then punishments? The temptation is great to give in, and unleash a torrent of platitudes on her, and open up your soul to her.

Don’t. If you ever find yourself in such a predicament – thank me, god, or anyone that helped you become a man that could attract such a rarity, and then smack yourself across your face to break her spell.

Some gorgeous and sweet natured girls have different shit tests than the more human (homely) counter parts. Namely they are going to act as alluring and cute, sweet, interested as possible – they are testing you. This is most likely different than normal girls, not a lot of them are like this. But she’s running a dual test. Are you too much of an asshole that is too afraid to open up to her – or are you a wussy beta who will eventually crumble under the wake of her feminine wiles and power. A power that feminists resent, only because feminists aren’t young and hot, and hold little feminine power.

You may be blinded with this girl, and not be able to see these as tests, but I assure you they are. All girls shit test. Fail too many and you’re out.

It’s important to relax your game with a girl who seems to not need gaming (her interest is high, and she’s hot and sweet) but you can never waiver from the alpha frame. However, a softening of it’s edges can comfort her enough to trust you – be wary of the power of beauty and femininity. You could quickly find yourself with no hot 9/10.

A girl like this will be your ultimate test. Girls like this are what guys actually value (till they get older at least). They’re the type of girls we gamers lament are lost in our sad culture. There are girls where the strongest game (inner game) must be imbedded into every nerve and atom in your being. You will be required and tempted to lose this state.

Be strong against the feminine charms, bathe in it, but let it not sink in and change you. Especially in these dark times, a shining feminine hottie can make the strongest men crumble. But you must stand on your own two feet, and be strong, aloof, and calm, but you must beyond all other aspects of game, never show her or let her beauty and femininity affect you. Toeing the line of rewarding her for her femininity and good behavior while playfully teasing her and torturing her along the way. Oh yeah, and borrow her car, put your feet up on her coffee table, and smack her ass when she walks by. Then ask her to bring you a drink.

And remember, there is always an alpha she was with in the past, that most likely will pop up at some point in conversation. Act like it’s a sound bite from dmz, and move on.

This girl wants to have a man to feel safe from all the guppies bugging her constantly. You are her protection and security blanket from unwanted beta attention. A really hot girl will avoid this like a plague, and only an alpha in her life can let her go about her business where she can have the ammo to shoot down undesirable suitors.

And never ever be afraid to lose her. A Herculean effort may be required, but do it.

If you land this girl and keep her, successfully game her, no girl 8 or below will ever shake your alpha frame. You will be able to land 8’s and below with the sharp precision of a expert marksman. The world will literally be your oyster, whether you keep her or not.

3 thoughts on “The Elusive “Catch”

  1. Awesome description of what I think it takes to have a LTR with such a girl. I think that I have what you describe. Hot, sweet, she knows that I don’t care if she leaves but she is deathly afraid that I just might. That frame is gold.

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