Don’t Over React On Your Way To Alphadom

Being alpha can be misunderstood, and often is for young men that decide to change their lives and learn game.
One of the downfalls of game blogs in pointing out the true nature of girls is that it can breed more bitterness in the angry betas and Afc’s. We don’t do enough to embrace the fact that we truly do love girls – that we prefer the feminine – and producing the desired results has more to do with us then it does with girls.

You will along your travels and learning journey get the staunch feminist that resists this romance with the strength of tempered steel – but they aren’t worth loving, and although fun to make fun of – it only adds to the mysogyny of the bitter man.

The bitterness in men has never been so strong, it has never been so palatable. But every bitter man knows, that it can fall away at the loving doe eyed look a girl can get when looking at you when hitting her attraction buttons. But because so many men can’t produce this effect in girls, the frustration grows – the bitterness ruins their game.

No routine will ever duplicate the power of being able to romantically connect with multiple girls, or hell even one girl. Game should be more about creating this on every girl you are with, without moral judgement on oneself, without guilt.

Remember young padawans, when bloggers like myself harangue femicunts and make fun of girls hypocracy, it is only to smack you out of your fantasy. Reality doesn’t mean you can’t be sweet and tender with a girl and take her on a magical emotional ride with her. It just means you don’t act like chick when you’re doing it.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Over React On Your Way To Alphadom

  1. “We truly do love girls.”

    My dick does, but my other brain knows better.

    I can no longer trust any girl who shows sexual interest in me. How can I love and trust someone who cares about me only for my social status and my fabricated alpha-male personality? (There are parts of the alpha-male personality that I do not wish to incorporate into my true self.) How can I love someone who forces me to lie to her 24/7?

    I also find it hard to reconcile the fact that lust is basis of romance with the supposed existence of non-platonic love.

    If you have answers, I’m listening, but until then, I’ll be constantly reminding myself that “A fickle and changeful thing is woman ever.”

  2. First question, why would want to deny yourself the greatest pleasure on earth, pretty girls, and their sweet vayjays?

    You seem frustrated, and in the common stage of waking from the matrix. Give yourself some time to adjust to reality.

    You are only frustrated because you believed women were a certain way, a fantasy. It does not make them bad, and a lot of them don’t consciously want to hypergame. Game teaches you simple tricks to keep her interested in you – but she’s got to do the same for you. You sound like a girl. You want your cake and to eat it too.

  3. Well put donlak.

    Dark Architect – I think the point is not to fabricate your alpha male personality, instead it is to bring out that alpha male that exists in every heterosexual man. That takes time, effort, and a shitload of honest and often painful introspection and analysis about who you are and your past relationships with women. Some men may not be up to this task, and that is a sad thing.

    You may be misunderstanding what alphadom is all about, and if you are, I suggest going back to read the archives of this blog. It is not about being the biggest, toughest dog on the block, and it DEFINITELY isn’t about one-upsmanship. Alphadom takes infinite forms and is at its essence an honest expression of who you are as a man. If you can be in touch with that in every aspect of your life, you have achieved alphadom. I am still working on it myself.

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