Waning Periods Of Sexuality

On most days, weeks, months, my libido is raging like an 18 year olds. My every waking moments are filled with thoughts of girls, being aware of them, talking to them, approaching them. flirting, and of course, banging them. At these times my sense are so attuned to females that I can hear the high pitch giggle of a girl from across a busy street while she laughs in her apartment – a pretty girls giggle, or playful screech, or talking with another pretty girl outside on the street, I can hear over any traffic or loud noises coming from my own home. If there’s a party of people in my house, I can still hear them over the low hum of the sexually null and voids. This is the epic craziness of my day to day existence. A tragedy to some, a paradise to others.

But then there are times when this all goes away. I have cycles it seems during the year that spike in sexuality, and dips in sexual urges. Don’t get me wrong, I could still bang a girl a few times if she’s alone in my place, and would do so with vigour and ferocity, and multiple times. However, the desire to go out and get some, something new, meet new girls, etc. definitely has a waning period every 4-5 months or so. My peaks spike extra high during spring and fall, usually when it starts to get warmer, or when it starts to get cooler – when there is extreme weather, my sexual desire to gather new girls, wanes. Basically, I lose my desire to run game on girls.

Now this can be okay when you’re single, you just take your refreshing time away from girls, you do your own thing, put the desire for sexual gratification with a new kitten to the side and let it be. But it can be a dangerous state of mind – as I assume, a lot of guys who can’t grasp game, I suspect live life in the state that is like my waning moments. I gasp at the thought. It’s important to remember, whether you are in waning times, or you live in waning sexuality, that game is still a must, even if you don’t have the desire to actively pursue it. It is your down times that you can ultimately assess your own game.

In a relationship, waning moments are far more difficult. The waning desire to game your girl or wife can have irreparable consequences. It is my believe on why you need to establish times apart from each other early on in a relationship. Do not ditch your guy friends in a new relationship, and don’t bring your girl out with you to every event you go to, especially when hanging with your guy friends. You will have no escape from her, and if you aren’t motivated to game her (keep her) – you will inevitably lose her.  When I’m in a relationship, I need my space, I need time alone, and away from her – it’s like a recharge of my batteries, it allows me to have energy to come back and keep seducing the sweet little tail like she needs it and likes it. Without my breaks I get bored, the waning period lasts longer, the lack of motivation gets extended, until  I can break away from her, and spend much needed time with my self.

I don’t get how married guys can do it. I’ve lived with girls for multiple years, and some of them were in everything I did. It never lasted. It only started to work when I took the time to get away from her, and spend time recharging. It is too easy to lose the desire to seduce someone who is already conquered, and more so, if you are in a waning sexual state.

Refresh. Recharge. Refocus.

3 thoughts on “Waning Periods Of Sexuality

  1. You are definitely on point with this. It is definitely tough for us married guys to get that space. This is something that I struggling with currently, keeping that fire.

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