A Warm Springs Night

Today is the first true warm spring day, as the sun set, the evening gave way to that warm leftover mild after glow of a sun soaked city – the air fresher, more hopeful, blessed, and kissed with the sense of renewal. I’m sitting on my patio in the gentle night, sipping on a scotch, writing this in the basque of comfortable temperatures, the freedom to relax with out shivers and fingers getting cold as I type gloriously on my notebook.

It’s nights like this that make me remember nights on filled patios sipping pints with my friends, talking to neighbouring tables full of joyful fun loving young spirited girls out for a fun evening – I remember gentle walks in the sun with a young glassy eyed damsel draped off my arm, as passing femme fatale’s haunt me with their sex eyes, and resentful coyish girls make eye contact and have them drift downwards. I remember sitting on the beach after a good surf, fire burning in the sand, cuddling cute sweet refreshing girl in arms as the waves crash calmly into the shore – I remember the energy in the air that allows currents of connections between myself and a young pretty thing, chilled and nuzzled closely in my arms for warmth. I remember the sheer pureness of being with a sweet innocence of girls embracing the romantic fantasy that the spring warm air  presents to her, and the calm masculine man waiting to stare back into her glistening and sparkling eyes all the while yearning for the moment to never pass.

And  yes, I even remember, when the feelings of this would somehow convince me of the fantasy as real – it’s so poignant on calm delightful mellow evenings like this, that only a machine could not feel the pangs in his soul, the glowing warmth coming from a center he knew not of during the cold wet winters. The connections with a girl, those strong vibrant connections, the ones where words are few, and caresses are light, touches send shivers down her spine, and you are so acutely aware of the calm energy between the two of you. It’s nights like this that I remember, and that springs forth new situations to awaken and begin.  It’s nights like this that remind you what living is really about. It’s not about notch counts, hustle and bustle of daily life, responsibilities and forgotten resolutions – it’s about the new, about the pure, about connections, and it’s about the blossoming of young flowers for your delightful indulgence.

Any true ladies man knows what I’m talking about. A man who has had oneitis might think he knows, but it’s only a one-sided non-recipricated feeling. One who has forgotten and dismissed the path of settling for one woman will be a master of such feelings and circumstances – he will seek them out – in a lot of ways, it’s these moments, as much as the copulation itself that he seeks continuously in his life – but more than that, he knows that this is a large part of seduction. And it’s a moral conundrum that he must come to terms with. Romantics will cry that you should be like this with only a woman you truly care for, but from my own experience, I’ve had many such connections, and none more poignant and important or meaningful than the other. The ladies man must come to terms that this is a feeling that although he enjoys, he is not controlled by it, but controls it to his advantage, and to the joy of the girl who is receiving such amazing splendor. He must defend himself from the crashing wave of seduction that can over come even himself. For it is a fleeting moment that can only be shared with new conquests and untainted love.

A seducer plays the strings of romance with the precision of an master cellist, plucking each string and producing each cord to fulfill the desires of both the girl and himself, but he knows not to let it over take him, he only lavishes in it, knowing full well that it is a fantasy and a spell, but one that effectively gets him what he truly wants – the free and completely pure connection with that which he holds most dear than anything, the loving and beautiful girl in the grips of fantastical romance.

It is this very thing that makes feminists lash out at the player – it is the very thing that crushes the beta into oneitis heartbreak and dreaming instead of doing, it is the very thing that society balks at and shames. But it is only men like myself and the fortunate girls they are with that get to embrace and enjoy those precious few moments that are truly pure and true, and beautiful. To deny oneself the pleasures of this normally grueling and decrepit life, is to deny oneself his very soul. I could no longer give up this wonder than I could my left testicle.

Learning to control ones feelings in such moments is a task not for the weak willed, or weak hearted. A lesser man would be doomed to believing that such a moment is a sign that the two of you are in love, forever – he will attach his feelings to that one girl and it will entrench itself to her, forbidding him from enjoying it again with  another girl, should she inevitably leave. Oh the sad soul of the beta may never be able to comprehend, though it is one of life’s great pleasures, it is but just a calm, warm night in spring.

3 thoughts on “A Warm Springs Night

  1. Donlak, relationship advice?

    Dating a girl who adores me, and I feel the same. I’m talking ‘mother-of-my-children’ material, in a sea of whores. Of course, I haven’t expressed this to her.

    I can see the love for me in her eyes, I can almost taste it. Yes, I am a man. No, I don’t want to take her nervousness in saying it, away from her. But I almost feel bad… She doesn’t want to break the spell either. I can see in her eyes that she’s afraid I won’t say it back, as she should be. But I am not iron-cad, I adore this woman.

    I’m concerned that the spell will wear itself thin if one of us doesn’t say something.


    I ask, because only someone with strong inner game could describe what you just did, with unwavering alpha swagger.

  2. Stop thinking about it. I mean really stop, you will make a mistake with this mindset, the spell will only wear off if you start acting like a love sick puppy. She must be the one to say it first, no exceptions. You can allow a little bit more tenderness and vulnerability, but I would advise against it as your message seems draped in not wanting to lose her. Stop fearing it.

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