Wait for it…

A girl you are interacting with says something that she expects out of a man, or that she “wants” – and it immediately irks you, or amuses you. Things like, “I want a man, not a boy.” etc. Do you respond?

If you acknowledge such things you’re in trouble. It is better to pause if you feel the need to say something in response to this. She’s trying to establish frame.

Pausing before you reply – can prevent you from reacting to her shit test, or something that irks you and prevent you from entering her frame. It gives you time to not take her seriously instead of blurting things out and saying the wrong thing.

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve blurted out something because i just said it and it’s bit me in the ass, spending the rest of the interaction trying to make up for it, or leaving a set because it’s irreparable.

I’m a spontaneous cat – I’m a witty charming bastard – I write spontaneous prose and I rift off others. It can be magic most of the time. But sometimes it can produce unintended consequences, even though I’m 99% not serious most of the time. Girls are sensitive though. Instituting a pregnant pause or a delay in response to a text or comment has a dual effect of not coming off too needy, but also not responding improperly to something a girl says that leads you into her frame.

When a girl tries to enforce her will or frame on you, it’s important to almost completely ignore it. Especially when it comes to her checklists of things she likes or wants. We all know it’s bullshit because she’ll toss all of it aside for the tingle of the alpha, and you shouldn’t be moved or concerned about her checklist.

Don’t take what she says seriously. If she says she loves to go out to fancy dinners, or loves a man who’s well dressed, and you think this is a checklist comment, don’t worry about it, ignore it. You will be dictating what you do, not her. She enters your world not the other way around. Ignore her, bring her to your world and let her decide if the tingle is enough for her to forget about such nonsense she thinks she really wants.

We know prince charming doesn’t exist, except as a gay man, but she hasn’t dropped the fantasy yet. Entering her frame on this will have you jumping through hoops and constantly measuring yourself against a unicorn.

Girls say this stuff because it may be things they like to do for entertainment or to pass the time and forget about life and reality – but, what she really wants is to be driven insane sexually and emotionally.

If you respond immediately at times that she’s expressing such things, you run the risk of saying something wrong and entering her frame. Of course when you are good enough to catch this right away, pausing won’t matter, because you will ignore what she says anyways.

A good rule of thumb to remember when interacting with a girl, ignore 90% of what she says. And lead the way to what you want to do and where you want the conversation to go. Get her in her bedroom eyes, and see the checklist fall apart before your eyes.

3 thoughts on “Wait for it…

  1. Adding you to my RSS feed for ongoing edification and enjoyment. Found your blog via The Badger Hut, though I’ve seen you around as a commenter for a while, primarily at Roissy’s.

    P.S. You should add per-post comment feeds if you can. Makes it easier to follow threads.

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