Don’t Lose Your Humanity

You’ve taken the now over used matrix reference of taking the red pill, or you’ve followed us down the rabbit hole into the world of reality, a colorful world of splendor and harsh bitter truths. You’ve been leaning the true nature of women, and how they work, most importantly how their attraction is triggered, and you’ve learned the toughest pill to swallow, that you are most likely beta, or too beta to truly benefit from life, and it first makes you a bit sick, and a bit angry and more bitter. You struggle to become that elusive Alpha male who can tackle any challenge, create sparkles in girls eyes, make them swoon for you, etc.

Becoming alpha isn’t easy for beta’s, for one reason and one reason alone, a true alpha still has his humanity, he just knows it through and through, and is completely comfortable in his humanity. He’s comfortable. You want to know the truest definition of an alpha, it’s that, being completely comfortable in one’s own skin. It’s why nothing phases him. Girls don’t phase him because he isn’t weak, insecure and desperately seeking acceptance from a girl, or from others. He knows himself so fully, that any attack on him is a fruitless endeavour. He is a zen monk. He will lash at you quickly and succinctly, in an effort to correct your actions towards him, and he will not care what you think about him, his friends, his car, his house, his girl, his anything. Your opinion of him simply doesn’t matter to him. All the things taught about game is to get you into this state, the state of an unwavering oak tree that stands grandiose and powerful amongst the weeds and grass.

However, when evolving out of betaness, either you’re a born beta, or an alpha that has slid down the dark path of betaness because of a relationship that you got lazy with – there is a dark side that is dangerous and quite counter productive. And that is the danger of losing your humanity. Going to an extreme alpha state can produce an arrogant and cold demeanour to all other people, including girls – aloof to the point where a girl cannot or will not feel your actual affection for her.

A girl that does not feel affection, will not stay with you. Giving her proper doses of affection is key in showing your humanity, and your general caring of her. Sounds anti alpha to a beta struggling to grasp what an alpha is. The poor beta, the one who tries to drag himself out of the deep dark well he has been cast into, is a constant battle with him. He is too worried that he’ll come off beta if he shows affection, too beta if he returns a text too soon, too beta if he compliments her too quickly, is he doing it too much – has he broken any rules of the game?

Why has she lost attraction in him? Is he not calibrating enough? What stage is he at? Ad Nauseum.

It is important to note, for all men learning game, and rising out of the beta ashes, that these are all guidelines, examples, and stories in order to help you see the light and error of your ways with women. Some of my experiences and advice will not work for you the exact way it will for me – whether it be my looks, your looks, your status or my status; those will always have a say on how your game works with different sets of girls. No, in order to reach alphadom, you must reach a level where these things become not second nature, but a part of who you are. And in the process, remember, because it’s not said enough, that showing affection, caring and emotion, is a part of the alpha’s arsenal. We merely avoid the topics because to any beta out there, the sheer mention of those words send him spiraling back into the abyss, possibly worse off than before.

I can be a cold mother fucker, I can be aloof to the point where girls have no concept of my actual feelings for her, but I can also give a compliment, show her affection, give her sweet gestures, etc, and not only when I’m driving my glorious man shaft into her quaking cave of bliss. No I can do so, because it’s without need, shame or over intensity. When tearing down girls off of pedestals it’s important to remember that their soft, feminine, sweet, caring, and tenderness are all wonderful things, that you’re only learning to not be swayed by them because you want to lavish yourself in them. And to do so, you must reach a level of a man, who does not need this to fill a missing hole in his soul, or to make him feel better, or to make him feel like a man – but only because he desires them. To be alpha, is to know yourself, and be comfortable with yourself, that you never need to question your actions and behaviour, nor will anyone change it.

But teaching this to beginners is dangerous, because so many beta’s are in the trouble they are in, because they think they do feel this way about themselves, until, of course you throw a girl into the mix. Then they lose absolute control.

When learning game, remember, hold onto that humanity, even if you want to bang a lot of girls and pump and dump them – always follow the golden rule: Leave them better than you found them. And if you are devirginating someone, do the rest of us a favor and devirginate them properly, no one likes it when a girl who thinks she knows how to give head, doesn’t. Be a sport and take it slow with her, and hold her mouth closed till she swallows.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Lose Your Humanity

  1. Thanks for writing this. I am at a point where i have become so cold that girls complain that i dont show any affection and it bothers me. I became really aloof because i am afraid of falling into beta behaviour again. I need to balance my game, I know, but I have formed a personality where the girls beg me for affection, and at times leave because I wasn’t being caring. Any thoughts on how to handle this? Thanks a lot.

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