Girls Like To Have Sex In Public

This is one of the more illuminating character traits of girls to beta men, who would never try to broach the sex in public with a girl, at least not seriously, nor would a girl agree to public sex with a beta. But her ‘gina tingles get so out of control when she’s with a spontaneous alpha male, that she’ll pretty much agree to anything, and any where. Not only agree to it, but get off on it – she’ll have an ego-asm when you fuck her in a spot that is just out of view of random people that might walk in on you two while tanlgled in the passionate rogering that you’re giving her.

Of course, you can’t fuck her on a table in a packed restaurant, but you can sure take her secretly to the bathroom, you can fuck her in a theater sparsely populated, or empty, with the risk of an employee or a late arriver coming in, or one already there turning around – you can fuck a girl in a park, barely hidden from the romantic strolls of beta couples – she’ll want to get fucked in elevators, hallways, airplanes, taxis, alleys, cars, anywhere  that the two of you can be ‘alone’ at least long enough to get at it without the direct vision or acknowledgment of others. In fact this pretty much goes for everything with girls.

Girls like to be naughty, but they don’t want to be naughty on the outside, for everyone to know, for everyone to see. But the closer they get to getting caught being a little slut, tweaks their sexual delight and lust to a fevered pitch a normal man could never imagine. It’s the possibility that she’ll get caught that adds this visceral ne’er duplicated sexual delight that she cannot resist.

If you ever are wondering how to make your sex life with a girl a little bit more edgy, a lot more passionate, and you want to bring out her inner slut, wait until you’re out with her, do something sneaky with her when others aren’t looking, push her into an alley to start making out, lift your hand secretly up her skirt, make sex ready to happen at any moment, make her wonder if you’re going to attack her in the open. The key here is to always keep it secret. If you’re alone for a second, grab her and make out with her hard, lift her skirt up, get into her shirt, make her adjust her clothes if someone comes around the corner. She’ll be in a frenzy for you later. If you can get relatively alone in any public area, fuck her. Don’t worry about lasting very long. She’ll get off on the thrill.

The failure to know that your girl wants this kind of sexual excitement adds to your odds of her getting bored, and viewing you as a beta, and in turn leaving you and/or cheating on you with someone who tingles her proper. Girls are dirty little sluts, but secretive little sluts. Learn to play the secret slut in your favour and you’ll have a fun little sex toy you can have virtually anywhere, anytime.

4 thoughts on “Girls Like To Have Sex In Public

  1. this is so true… I ways get super wet when a guy makes bold moves in public. why are we programmed this way i wonder? why do we girls crave to be taken in public so badly?

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