Know What You Want

Don’t worry it’s not what you think I mean. I don’t mean know what you want, because girls like a man that knows what he wants… well not exactly, because that’s true, kind of. In truth, girls like a man who’s determined and goal driven, who’s focused – why? Because a man who’s focused, and knows what he wants, won’t be pedastalizing her and making her the center of his universe. This of course should be a basic lesson in how girls think, and although it’s been covered before, I don’t mind repeating it. No girl wants to be the center of your universe, no matter how much attention she craves, demands she puts on you, tells you she does, or makes you think she does. She doesn’t.

However, this post isn’t about that aspect of knowing what you want, but. again it kind of is, because again, knowing what you want, will land you the types of chicks you want, the lifestyle you want to live. I’m specifically referring to what you want in your sexual life. You are reading this site, so you have either a morbid fascination of game, practising game, mastering game, learning what game is, or are curious about game. And it’s important when learning game that you settle down and really think about what you want out of game, meaning, what kind of sex life do you want.

What you want will be determined by a lot of different factors, like how old you are, how many girls you’ve banged, how much energy you have, how much you’re willing to invest in banging girls, or getting girls, how much spare time you have, where you live, how much disposable drinking/nightlife money you have, whether you want lots of notches, or you’re just wanting to have multiple LTR’s, or you god forbid, want one girl for the rest of your life (quickly slap yourself just for thinking such things).

Clearly in my mind, you should be banging as many girls as you can, never looking back, never investing in the forgotten dream that romance and society left behind – but not all of you I admit begrudgingly will take such a commitment to the dark arts. And that’s okay, no man is the same, and not everyone has the stomach to become a complete heartless alpha beast. That however doesn’t mean that game doesn’t work and that you can’t constantly employ game to your everyday life. Because, unless you want to be celibate for the rest of your life, will need game. And if you want to keep at least one girl, you will need game, not to mention if you want to keep her from getting fat and you want to continue to have sex with her, then you will need game.

Game isn’t just about banging a lot of girls, but employing the standards of game will enrich not only your life, but the life of all the girls in your life. Because game is reality. And in case you haven’t noticed, girls run game on you all the time. Best to get in the game on some level, just make a conscious effort to really determine what path you want to take, and of course realize that you’re decisions may change based on all the things we mentioned above.

To really maximise your effectiveness in game, come to terms with what you want out of it, and when you do, go for it.

March on soldiers.

One thought on “Know What You Want

  1. Can you give a more specific example of what you mean?
    A man who knows what he wants vs a man who doesn’t, and what that would look like in daily life?

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