Reality Check: Rape Culture Doesn’t Exist

See that picture, this is what feminazi’s are trying to elicit in anyone that is listening to them talk about violence towards women, especially lawmakers minds on what men do after a rape. There is of course many problems with the accusation of a rape culture.

We as men, the vast majority of us, do not go around high fiving each other when we hear of a girl getting raped. We do not fantasize about raping women, we do not secretly or publicly celebrate any violence towards woman, we also, and a point forgotten in any ‘discussion’ (can any news story or media outlet covering anything now a days really be called a discussion? More of a one sided propaganda piece.) – which is, we also don’t celebrate violence outwardly or inwardly against men or children either. Okay. You’re gonna bring up boxing, UFC, and violent sports as a celebration – but there is a significant difference between celebrating masculine violence on another man when it is a consensual battle between two men, of comparable traits and physique – which much to the modern feminist’s chagrin, means we would never celebrate a man fighting a woman in boxing or UFC. Just as we wouldn’t if a child were fighting a grown man.

Rape is wrong. Violence is wrong. Compartmentalizing violence is wrong. Is there a murder culture because there’s a lot of murders. Apparently all these murderers are getting away with this crime because the Patriarchy has put laws in place that allow murderers (who I’m assuming you as the reader automatically naturally pictured men as your first image of a murderer) to commit murders, and promotes covering up the murders. I’m not a murderer, and I’m not a rapist. I am neither a potential murderer nor a potential rapist. Enough. This accusation of a rape culture is complete lunacy and a clear attack on men’s rights.

Here’s an excerpt from Paul Elam on an article over at A Voice For Men:

When I was a young soldier I had the misfortune of being robbed and beaten while walking back to the barracks from an enlisted man’s club late at night with a friend of mine.  Four men, all armed with some variation of a club, literally jumped out of the bushes and attacked us.

I suffered a couple of broken ribs, head to toe bruising and a couple of fairly respectable cuts.  My friend was struck on the head with a wine bottle resulting in a severe concussion and 17 stitches in his scalp.

We were both stripped naked and left on the side of the road in 20 degree weather.

The Army Criminal Investigation Division (C.I.D.) questioned us like we were the criminals, caught exactly no one and went on to fail at other investigations in pretty short order.  The guys in the barracks turned it in to a joke and made fun of us for a month or so.

Shit happens

Again, is this a violence culture? Sounds an awful lot like what happens when a girl gets raped and tries to report it, especially in the military. Hmmmn… so it’s only substantial and a culture when it’s against women? Men as victims of violence doesn’t matter. Why? Because we are assumed to be more powerful? More capable of dealing with this violence? Is that the feminist argument of equality? If so, it’s an admittance that they aren’t equal, and equality is not their mission.

There was some recent rape culture accusations of the military by the media and feminists after soldier Myla Haider and others filed a lawsuit against the US military. Myla claims that her reporting these accusations would have been and subsequently were brushed aside, and that just bringing up the complaint would, and did damage her career in the military, (of course accusing someone falsely would have the same consequence but only for the accused). There has been extensive coverage on this case on places like CNN. Check out a brief interview here:

Of course, if this girl was raped and all of these things were done to her, then yes, it is terrible. That’s not my point. It is implied that only women get raped in the military and only women are treated like such, by the coverage of a woman’s victimhood over a man’s victimhood. This is a subtle but deliberate gesture to create a false concept of a rape culture. Here’s a little article that didn’t receive the same attention:

Bermuda Regiment should not have tried to hush-up the attempted rape of a soldier in Grenada, according to a conscript who was on the 2005 hurricane-relief trip.

The man, who asked not to be named, told The Royal Gazette he was “disgusted” that the Regiment claimed in 2009 to have had no reports of sexual misconduct since 2002.

This newspaper asked the Regiment directly about the Grenada incident in September 2009 after investigating and uncovering 14 allegations of sexual assault or harassment made by male soldiers at Warwick Camp between 1989 and 2002.

But then public relations officer Major George Jones refused to comment.

The former soldier said “everybody” on the Grenada trip knew a private had assaulted another private at knifepoint and that the incident was sexual.

“I am disgusted by the Regiment’s insistence that there have not been any instances of sexual assault within the Regiment since 2002,” he said.

“It baffles me that the Regiment had no idea the incident was already public knowledge. The perpetrator was sentenced to some time in the Regiment lock-up on his return to Bermuda and then released back onto an unsuspecting public.

“The alleged victim was given a discharge from the Regiment, presumably to keep him quiet.”

Sounds familiar doesn’t it? BTW, the officer that was raped was a man. What’s my point?

There’s no rape culture. Rape happens to men and women. When dealing with violence, go after violence, not violence against women, but violence against everyone. Rape is rape, covering it up is not a culture of misogynists and rape lovers – or is it the fabled “Grand ol’ Patriarch” rearing its head – It is that people who commit these crimes, and who hold positions of power over people that commit these crimes, be they men or women, do not want this to get out. They want to cover it up, because of guilt, and getting away with it, and if you are in a place of power over people who commit these crimes, you will be identified with these crimes regardless. It is a fear based reaction to push it under the rug. It has absolutely nothing to do with a bullshit rape culture.

Saying and accusing the society we live in, and thus all men that live in this society, or anyone who disagrees with you is a misogynist or a rape culture supporter is defamatory, and should be condemned by all people.

Again, feminism doesn’t want equality, it wants supremacy. Feminists hate themselves and their sex, much more than they hate us, and much more than they claim we hate them.

The laws in place to protect women, were put in place by men, before feminism. It has been my understanding that Rape was illegal before 1960. I guess in feminist history re-writes, it wasn’t and we as men all love rape.

Wake up men… and women.

63 thoughts on “Reality Check: Rape Culture Doesn’t Exist

  1. Yes that’s the definition, but it’s BS as I already stated. No one thinks rape is no big deal if you think this, you’re fucking delusional and need psychological help. For fuck’s sake. I’m telling you, in my article, that it’s bullshit, and it’s another thing to take focus off a real problem and focus on bullshit which does start demonizing men, because every time people think of rapists they think of men, not women, not children not animals.

    People like you get all caught up in this moral stance and have no fucking clue, and no solutions. You just want to magically change society.

  2. Well, unfortunately the majority of rapists are men, and the media love to sensationalise stories and scare people so this is obviously why people think of a man when they envisage a rapist. It isn’t a feminist plot. The majority of editors are male so they need to stop thinking what will sell papers and take responsibility. I know that I have been inclined to think that rape doesn’t matter/count so much if the girl was drunk, or attractive, or flirtatious and that he was doing what most guys would do in that situation. However, I realised that that is an awful attitude to have on guys in general and obviously unfair on the victim. My thinking didn’t come out of thin air though. It came from from overhearing what people said on the TV about such things, what my peers said and joked about and feeling that rape would never happen to a woman who was ‘respectable’. This is all rape culture. The view that all men are rapists can come from rape culture and this is why we need to dismantle it, not deny its existence. That won’t help men.

  3. I sense bullshit. You have your own issues if that’s what you think. Again this comes to personal responsibility, not blaming society. You thought those things, you are responsible for thinking those things, and you need to take responsibility for it. If you are so weak willed and weak minded that you let others dicatate what you think, you need therapy as well.

    Because you thought these things, you now want to be a hero and make sure the world doesn’t ever say anything, no jokes, no nothing about rape or it’s victims that you don’t approve of. Again, this isn’t the problem. You like every other liberal, feminist, white knight, pc police, bleeding hearts should stop talking about shit, and start looking inside themselves and wonder why you’re so focused on this garbage. This is nothing more than you feeling guilt for thinking such things and you want to blame people so you don’t feel bad anymore. I’m telling you and all the other assholes to fuck off. Grow up. And go do something productive. We’re done talking.

  4. We all are influenced by others’ views and social norms. No individual lives in a vacuum. Saying just ignore all the negativity and get therapy doesn’t solve the negative cultural pressures we live in. I did take personal responsibility and fight daily the assumptions and prejudices we’re bombarded with everyday (such as the ‘majority of men are evildoers’ message when we turn on the news). What politically correct things have I encouraged? (apart from ‘the majority of men aren’t rapists’ statement.)

  5. Why does it matter to you anyway, you Neanderthal? It must matter a whole lot for you to take the time an effort to produce this deluded nonsense. Methinks you doth protest too much.

  6. Actually with recent findings, feminists are actually more like neanderthal then normal people are. They treated women like equals and didn’t separate work duties or roles for the sexes, and they died.
    Also it is believed that this is where we got our mathematical skills from.
    So maybe you should rethink that “insult”, and perhaps everything you think you know, is just kind of made up bullshit.

    And why do i care? Protest too much? Are you just regurgitating phrases you heard what you think are smart people say?

  7. “Rudy Pu
    April 17, 2012
    5:23 am

    Well written. I’m sick of seeing people who blame a certain group.”

    Blimey! Are you sure? Are you really sure you want to leave that comment out there?

  8. Donlak, your last comment was v confusing. Are you saying that modern humans got math skills from early humans who treated the genders equally who then all died because of this(what made them all die?)?

  9. Donlak I saw this tweet of yours: ‘A whole generation now needs to seek out somewhere what it’s like to be a man, and for chicks, how to be feminine.’ This implies that you do agree that people can learn behaviour and views from others, that men can learn ‘man culture’ and that chicks can learn ‘feminine culture’. I thought you said that society and culture does not influence the views of individuals?

  10. No it’s said that Neanderthals had strong math skills, weak social skills, and didn’t separate the sexes, meaning the women came on hunts etc. Homosapiens (that’s us.) did start breaking up duties, women stayed and reared children, took care of the tribe while men hunted etc.

    If you don’t know what killed off the neanderthals then I suggest you read a book or two.

    One of the theories is they were inefficient because of these differences (math not included) but social differences and behaviors that helped our ancestors survive.

    You can look all this up, it’s science, there’s papers. You just need to read them.

  11. We’ll be here a long time if you want to go through every line I ever wrote and have me explain it. Perhaps you can just read the rest of my blog and listen to my podcast. Thanks.

  12. Just read them. Interesting stuff. There’s talk about climate change, genocide, homo sapiens killing them but this is the part we’re talking about:

    ‘Another possibility has to do with the loss of the Neanderthal’s primary hunting territory: Forests. It is speculated that their hunting methods (stabbing prey with spears rather than throwing the spears) and lack of mobility could have placed them at a disadvantage when the forests were replaced by flat lands. It is also suggested that they mainly ate meat, and thus were less adaptable. Homo sapiens, which hunted large prey but did not depend on them for survival, may have indirectly contributed to their extinction this way.
    Division of labor:
    In 2006, anthropologists Steven L. Kuhn and Mary C. Stiner of the University of Arizona proposed a new explanation for the demise of the Neanderthals (Wade 2006). In an article titled “What’s a Mother to Do? The Division of Labor among Neanderthals and Modern Humans in Eurasia,” Kuhn and Stiner theorize that Neanderthals did not have a division of labor between the sexes (2006). Both male and female Neanderthals participated in the single main occupation of hunting the big game that flourished in Europe during the ice age, like bison, deer, gazelles, and wild horses. This contrasted with humans who were better able to use the resources of the environment because of a division of labor with the women going after small game and gathering plant foods. In addition, because big game hunting was so dangerous, this made humans, at least females, more resilient.

    So basically homo sapiens survived because women gathered plant goods and small game and Neanderthals just ate big game. I don’t think women can be said to be the reason why homo sapiens survived though as men could have done this too. So it’s not the division of labour that saved them but homo sapiens ability to identify plants as food. I suppose if Neaderthals physically couldn’t process plants then there would not have been a division of labour as there would only ever have been one job.

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