Primal Instincts Reign Supreme

It’s a hard cruel world out there, especially for those people walking around in the matrix, living their lives with the veil of illusions they believe in – it’s cold, because no matter what illusions you believe in, reality eventually crashes up against them causing gnashing of teeth and soul-shaking nervous insecurities in one’s self-esteem and world view. If you insist on living in a lie, you will find yourself angry at reality, a bitter person who doesn’t want to admit the truths that some of us know, and are preaching like us here at The Shift. Reality doesn’t care if you believe in it or not, it still exists, and it always prevails. Once of course you awaken and accept reality, you are free from such turmoil, but sadly, the lies are painted in multiple coats, and the truth is a tough tepid color to look at, when first gazing at it. Many people are afraid to accept the truth, they think that accepting it will create pain, and anguish and hostility. However it is the denial of reality that causes this. The only pain reality causes is when you are staring at it face to face. In one’s life they have a choice, either awaken to reality in one fell swoop, or like most people, hide from it for their entire lives only to face it when they least expect it and at their most vulnerable, i.e. when your wife suddenly asks for a divorce.

Those who choose to believe we’re not ruled mainly by our biology are doomed to be hurt by it.

Yes, we are evolved creatures. Yes we have brains that can overcome our basic nature. Yes we can rise above such primal instincts and be better than animals. But there is a trend in our society that is leading to, or has led to already, the sheer denial of the fact that we are all still led primarily from primal instincts. Our mating selections, friend selection, job selection, passions, hobbies, lifestyle choices, where we live, where we avoid, how we behave, are ruled primarily by our instincts and primal urges. Because we have brains, many people can circumvent these in order to live in a organized society (oh where have you gone?). But just because we can bypass them, does not mean that our primal urges still get us moving in certain directions, and make certain choices. The primal biological impulses cannot be denied, and they will manifest. The danger is to pretend you don’t have them, or pretend that you aren’t ruled by them. This is the basis for the rationalization hamster, as it is women mostly who want to believe in the lie that they aren’t ruled by their biology. Why? Because they believed the lie of feminism, that being feminine is weak.

How many men’s lives have been ruined by refusing this belief that girls and themselves are ruled by their primal instincts? How many more men will be ruined by continuing on this believe?

Society has shifted from the old ways, girls are now free to explore their sexual urges at whims with little to no social shaming from society at large – it is no longer frowned upon, but even championed for a girl to slut it up until her 30’s when the sad reality of her actual biological urges kick in and slap her in square in the jaw, procreation… with an alpha. This is all fine and dandy for us reality dwellers, it means easy access to what we love the most, young and tighter pussy. But for the romantics and white knights, it is a stark reality they cannot bear to face. They can’t possibly face the reality that their romantic vision of happily ever after won’t come true with some magical pure angel, who will love him and stay by his side for eternity. It’s a dream that many of men still have, and it’s not only a lie, but it’s pretty much rubbed in every man’s face ad nauseam.

As society shifts to a female can do no wrong, and men have to fall in line mentality, it is a wonder to me and others like me, that any man would want to take the mangina mantle by the horns and ride it into oblivion and celibacy. But so many do. Of course you have the other portion, that wake up to the reality and refuse to play the game, usually because of fear or disgust – but usually because they think they can’t compete. Who’s competing anyways Omega’s? I don’t care if a guy gets better looking babes than me, I just care about getting what I can get, and pushing for the best I can get. There will always be a more alpha man than you. There is always someone better than you are at something. Doesn’t mean you give up just because you aren’t the best at something.

Men need to wake up, and grow up. Get out of their boyhood prepubescent fantasies of landing an angel, and realize that we’re just a bunch of horny animals wanting to fuck each others brains out, until,  for girls, they get too close to the wall and they get knocked up; or for guys they get too tired of chasing tail anymore and move on to other hobbies or passions. If you refuse to accept the reality that we are animals, and not as far removed from the animal kingdom that our christian western myths have led us believe, then you will be a victim, and you will be left behind and hurt. We are still in the evolutionary race for supremacy. Some get it, and some don’t. Take the red pill already, and save yourself some anguish, and languish in paradise. It’s been here all along.

4 thoughts on “Primal Instincts Reign Supreme

  1. It’s not a lie that most men want, it’s a dream, and one that is still better than the reality of the dismal existence you are advocating. Fucking is not the same as loving, no matter how much you want to delude yourself. Modern reality eliminates the possibility of love because we’re going the way that women want, and all they want is what you think reality is: the reality of animals. It’s a man’s soul that can see beyond that to better things, which is why men are the leaders.

    You’re just a guy who stopped looking up and thinks that dirt is all there is, and you call it “reality”.

  2. Please tell me, and the other readers, oh wise one, why this ‘dream’ you speak of is better? Enlighten us.

    Also, you are assuming a whole lot about my capacity for love, and I’m pretty sure I have yet to broach the subject. None the less, every single girl I’ve been with, outside one night stands, holds a piece of my heart. I most likely have a larger capacity for love then most men. However, love is commonly misunderstood, and many live in a dream world about how love works. Hell no two people can agree on a definition of love. So, you choose to live in the dream world, that’s your choice. I hope it works out for you. I’ll stick to reality, which revealing reality is what this site was designed for.

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