Don’t Give A Fuck

Feminism’s goal, while by consequence keeps beta’s down, and keeps them undatable in their eyes – is ultimatly to change the alphas they’re all attracted to, to stick around and put up with their crap. Modern girls (especially) feminists, want arm candy, the same way that rich dudes get a gold digger. But to their shagrin, and the source of their continued rage and bitterness, feminists haven’t been able to coral the alpha yet. They keep trying through controlling manginas and white knighters to make every law target alphas – yet, alphas by our nature, don’t give a fuck.

Not giving a fuck is a mindset that both infuriates girls, and at the same time drives them mad sexually. It’s a dichotomy that they can’t come to terms with. When listening to girls complain about men, insert the term Alpha into her sentence, replacing the assumed generalization that is trying to be assumed.

Remember, girls don’t even regester non alpha’s in their hindbrain, so bitching about why men are afraid to commit, they don’t show enough emotion, they’re jerks, etc. It’s alphas they are talking about. The ones they are attracted to but can’t hold onto. They will shack up with a beta if they think they can’t attract an alpha. But when an alpha looks their way, look out, because she will do anything for that alpha regardless of what relationship she has with her beta. If she’s had alphas during her 20’s and now in her 30’s and she’s hit the wall she will settle for a beta – but again IF an alpha looks her way – she’ll be on her knees in a heartbeat.

Feminists know this, infact all girls know this about themselves. They will never admit it because it betrays the lie that feminism taught them, that they are better than men, especially when it comes to mate selection. But they know, in the hindbrain, that this is a lie.

The attacks and shamings is not primarily to keep beta’s down, although that is a perfectly suitable consequence for them, but to coral by large, the alpha male.

Any feminist or white knighting manginas that publicly defends feminism and/or attacks men, are not attacking all men, only the alphas. The patriarch you hear thrown around, isn’t about what they say it is, it’s their resentment that the guys every girl is uncontrollably attracted to, is completely immune to her attacks and futile efforts to reign us in. They are so attracted to us they can’t control themselves, and they can’t live without it, but because of their enormous entitlement complexes, they demand our obedience. However, if alphas obeyed, they would cease to tingle their ‘gina’s, so the feminist outrage will continue, ad infinitum.

It’s all because we just don’t give a fuck.

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