Want To Improve Your Game? Get Into Sales

Many of what game is, is sales. The techniques that a salesman uses to close a sale are very similar to closing the deal with an interaction with a girl. If game seems frustrating to understand, or a gimmick that only certain types of guys with no morals would do, then please, get a job in sales. Some of the best players I know are good salesmen. Of course some of the worse ones are also salesmen. The naturals are the ones that know that selling a product is the same as selling himself on a girl. The techniques are one and the same, with a little bit of tweaking.

Here’s a bit from an article on how to sell, see if anything here reminds you of game:

It is imperative that your control is established in the beginning of your sales pitch. I remember when I was at Kirby and I’d go into a salesman’s demonstration and the customer would be doing something in a totally different room. I would have to explain to them the importance of taking control from the beginning. If the customer isn’t listening to your pitch, then you are wasting your time. Don’t let the customer do other activities during your pitch. Make sure and keep them locked in throughout your pitch.

This is known as controlling the frame. You do this with a girl, never let her take the lead, or take the frame off the interaction that is ultimately aiming for the sexual close. Also notice how they even mention not letting them do other activities during your pitch, i.e. text on the phone. Her focus needs to be on you.

Relative stories are always a good way to keep control of the customer. Make sure the story is something they can relate to. When I was selling vacuums I would tell the customer a story of a lady who didn’t invest in the vacuum, then her carpet was destroyed by the dirt. She had to pay 3 times as much as the Kirby investment to get her carpet replaced.

People generally like hearing stories. Even back when we were little and wanted our parents to read us a bedtime story. If your story relates to the person in some form it will keep them interested. As long as you have their interest you can keep control. Remember a good salesman must maintain control throughout his sales pitch in order to solidify a sale.

Being a story teller is imperative in seducing girls. All of this is true, except instead of selling her vacuum cleaners, you’re trying to get her to demonstrate good suction.

There will always be uncontrollable factors such as unexpected house guests or unforeseen phone calls. The best thing for a salesman to do in these situations is to wait politely for them to finish before continuing your pitch. If possible get the house guest involved in your sales pitch as well. This may help you avoid third party objection.

This is the same as controlling a group of girls out in the field, i.e. her friends or other suitors. Notice how it is suggested that you include them in your pitch. Any good pick up artist does the same thing, makes nice with the girl that isn’t the target in order to generate more interest in himself from the target.

My point is, get into a retail situation, or sales situation. I prefer a retail environment because you are dealing with a lot of girls and guys in your daily interactions. You are learning seduction techniques as sales is just a form of seduction, you are seducing an individual on a product, in game you are seducing a girl into bed, the product is your sexual output. It is a great way to hone your skills, or to enhance your game. Plus it keeps you social, and being a good salesman, or gamesman means you need to be social.

5 thoughts on “Want To Improve Your Game? Get Into Sales

  1. It is a good analogy. And since quality sells itself, the better the salesman, the worse the product. Players are like used car salesmen, sleazy.

  2. Bartending is also a profession that will bring anybody out of their shell. While if it doesn’t you dont have a prayer.

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