She Know’s About Game, So What?

It was inevitable, it was bound to happen, blogs like these, Neil Strauss’ ”The Game’, etc has unleashed itself on the world, and girls, (who of course can’t control themselves in sticking their noses in everything) have found out, and are now watching out for Game on the dating scene. Out in the field, more and more girls are not only aware of game, but have read enough to be on the look out for it, and call a player on it when he’s running game. The first time a player is called out can be off putting, unexpected, and can jolt him out of his state. How is one supposed to run game on a girl that knows game, and knows that you are running game? Has the magical veil been lifted? Have you been blown out?


Girls that know of game, have read about it, and are defensive about it, are still just as susceptible to game. Why? Because what game does is trigger her biological and psychological seduction urges. Her having knowledge of game cannot and will not guard her against the impulses that generations of evolution have given her – the impulses ensconced in her dna. It merely provides her with a strong defense and a somewhat surprising shit test that you need to know how to deflect, or maneuver around.

You need to keep gaming girls that know about game and shoot out accusatory remarks to signify to you that she’s on to you. You need to have the state of mind that says, ‘I don’t give a fuck that you know I’m gaming you, I’m still going to do it, and it’s going to work’ – it’s kind of like calling your shot before you hit a grand slam – it’s the right kind of confidence that will break her defense and allow you to score.

Girls that do this will be defensive about any obvious game ploys and will be desperately trying to prove that it doesn’t work, and/or it’s misogynistic. She will scoff, mock, and use shame tactics. These are of course just shit tests. What she’s really doing, unaware’s of herself and her actions, is giving you a well laid out strategy to game her. She might as well GPS her vagina to your cock. All you have to do is start acting sincere, and run opposite game. She’ll keep shit testing you the entire time, but you just deflect, agree and amplify and pass the onslaught appropriately.

She: Was that a neg?

You: Neg? Is that a character in Twilight?

She: Oh now you’re misdirecting. You’re totally running game!

You: You want to play a game? What do you like, chinese checkers?

She: Chinese checkers? (giggle) You’re crazy.

You want to be able to say things that most guys with weak game don’t. You need to be all the things that game teaches you: cocky/funny, aloof, indifferent, standing firm against her tirades and emotional onslaughts, and agree and amplify. When she brings up game as a defense, it is no different than anti-slut defense, you just need to comfort her that you aren’t a ‘player’ and aren’t just there to pick her up – even though you both know that’s exactly what you are doing.

She is coming at you with this defense because this is her frontal brain talking – game is about triggering the hindbrain which is where attraction comes from, and why taking what a girl says seriously has catastrophic effects. Dealing with a girls frontal brain can confuse a man into getting off his game, if you get into it with her you’ll see your head spin around and you’ll vomit emotions  like a demon is possessing you. After that you will need a master gamesmen to exorcise that shit out of you.

The best thing here to do is just run contradictory game. Meaning, she’s spelt out what and who she thinks you are, so you only need to maintain a confident state, spit witty remarks, but contradict game every once and a while – a little sincerity is good, while still remaining funny. You want to be able to be genuinely interested in what and who she is, it will be enough to comfort, while you are still running game and activating her hindbrain sexuality triggers. You can escalate at will after passing a few shit tests, she’s already expecting you to – so if you pass the shit tests and she thinks you’re sincerely interested in her, she’ll want to fuck.

March on Soldiers

7 thoughts on “She Know’s About Game, So What?

  1. honestly- if a girl calls u out on using “game” then u aint doin it rite… i honestly dislike most PUA info but one thing rings true- CONGRUENCE. If ur game is seethrough enuf to be called out, either 1- its bad or 2- shes just not that into you. i dont buy the shit test aspect of this because women WANT TO BE GAMED (by the rite guy). When women or a woman really wants u, using “negs” and all that shit should be natural and fitting to whatever conversation u r having and to whatever type of woman ur talking to. If u get called out, UR DOING IT WRONG. This is where i begin to dislike the pua stuff bc whats most important for u getting laid is actually being an attractive guy. If all u rely on is verbal game then ur doin it wrong. And before u say “oh I agree” u really should look within urself as well as look at most other pua types bc most arent trying to improve themselves theyre looking for magic bullets (tell me the pua sphere isnt dominated by magic bullet shit and u are lying to urself). I dont know if u have already but u should post a vid of urself “infield.”

    Just watch a show like “Jersey Shore” its ALL GAME…. ALL OF IT, but the guys are congruent- they arent using textbooks or guides to do what they do or say what they say, they are being themselves. But ya know what else- they r ATTRACTIVE MEN. the women they get with almost do all the work themselves and the guys just play it cool and make smart choices and dont say anything stupid. THAT is game. The only exceptions where non attractive guys can get laid is if they are SUPER SMOOTH. and that is not something that can be textbooked or PUA’d. And for a guy who hasnt learned how to be that way since childhood, its almost more work than necessary.

    In short- GO TO THE GYM or start a business or SOMETHING. Make urself better than all the guys around you and you will see that women will do all the work for you when it comes to getting laid. That is a much easier way to get laid and feel better about urself than learning Pua game or peacooking or whatever. And before u dismiss this, just look at most PUA’s just LOOK AT THEM… honestly most r just low self esteem guys who need to do what i laid out. No one who does this will be called out for “using a neg” and if they do the above, then the PUA shit will only hinder them (except for learning the Roissy type basics of female psychology)

  2. ******
    “The only exceptions where non attractive guys can get laid is if they are SUPER SMOOTH. and that is not something that CANNOT be textbooked or PUA’d”

  3. Why have had sex with ones that have called me out in it then and dated them?

    Some girls assume you are gaming them because they get gamed by bad gamers so often. Not neccessarily because you are using pua – which I don’t do. I’ve been banging lots of women before pua was around (or I knew about it).

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