How To Get Your Ex Back

You can’t. You won’t. Don’t even bother. Move along. Forget her.

I’m imagining some broken-hearted, emotionally overwhelmed, shell-shocked men reading these first few short comments above and wanting to click on another site that wants to tell you how you can magically win back the heart of that wonderful, sweet, gorgeous princess that for some reason got tired of their ways, their neediness, their beta-ness, their desperate pleas for affection – those sites and pieces of advice are only going to cause you more pain and anguish.

I think there is a time in every man’s life, be he a player, good with women, natural, socially competent, somewhat outgoing – all the way to the other spectrum of hopeless romantics, white knights, friend zoners, and barely capable of social interactions – that he has fallen under that magic oneitis spell – the crush, the over burdened heart aching, über passionate obsession. Even the ultra status men have a story or two of a magical vixen that had stolen his heart – or better yet, spun him seemingly right off the planet – knocked him off his axis – shattered the entire visage of an ego, and confidence. No man is completely immune in this world. And in this day and age of over feminization and wussification of the male populace, it has occurred at more staggering instances.

After all, in these cases how could he not – there is always something about said pedastal-ized girl – her curled locks dangling over her cheek, her ruddy lips parting moist and inviting, her giggling coy behaviour, her glassy stare into your eyes, her soft creamy skin, gentle glistening wetness between her slender thighs, the roaring orgasms she gets in the heat of passionate bed play – the childlike innocence she portrays – the teasing – the playing – the happiness. It is hard not to fall into the oblivion of deep crushing, attachment, and to be honest, addiction. And then… it’s gone.

There’s a turnaround moment that will catch a man caught under this magic spell that will shake the earth he walks on – knock him off his feet – send him spiraling downwards in an abyss of wonder, mystery, and shame – the sudden withdrawal of the opiate that is the pedastalized angel. What happened? What did he do? What can he change? He doesn’t understand. Under this state of shock after being slapped with a life sentence with out the object of his desires, the one thing that he now finds himself unable to live with out – it is impossible for him to understand. The seeds of the separation were buried in his very obsession, love, lust, and admiration for the oh so special girl. But it defies everything he ever knew, was taught, was told from society, his mother, his girl friends – it just doesn’t feel right, or make logical sense. He is destroyed. He is at his lowest possible level of attractiveness. He is no longer a man, but a quivering child clutching for his mother to comfort him. He is worse than beta. He is projecting sympathy. At the most, the object will feel sorry for him, at the worst, she will be utterly repulsed and want to shed all memories of her encounter with this shell of a man.

When you are in this state, you will never get her back. Nor should you ever want to. Oh I could tell you ways that might get her back briefly – read the rest of my site, and you will learn how to get yourself out of the hole and realize the true nature of women, and how to you need to behave in order to get women. But, a girl, no matter what, when she has lost attraction for a man, lost the tingle of the ‘gina, lost the lust, passion and flame for a man, will ever get it back for him.

Oh if you are married, or in a long term relationship with a girl, she might come back out of a sense of duty, or she’s so entrenched in the old relationship that she tries to rationalize that she still loves you – but she will never be the same. The first sign of an exciting male that offers a passionate affair will have her spreading her legs for him on the sly, or in the open, callously rubbing your face in it. Once a girls rationalized something she will feel no regrets about any of her actions. It will be easier for her to rationalize the destruction of your relationship with the flooding her ‘gina gets in the new man’s embrace.

No matter how short or long your relationship, nor how passionate and intense you feel – if she has lost the attraction for you, you are finished. You must move on.

You should have flirted with other girls while in this relationship, you should have set up potential fall backs, or potentials – but you didn’t, and you weren’t. Getting over your oneitis could be 90% relieved in the sexual ravaging of another babe – but most likely you are as unattractive to other girls as you are to the one that got away.

If this seems harsh, it is not meant to be. I only wish when I was going through this, someone wrote this for me. Chasing a lost love, a girl who has lost interest in you, lost attraction will only lead to more pain. If you are in a desperate place of withdrawal from oneitis, you need to forget about her at all costs, build yourself up and open yourself up to other girls. Don’t even analyze what you did wrong, reading this you should already know, you were needy, gave in to her whims, gave her too many compliments, was wrapped around her little finger, she owned you, and she lost attraction.

Start losing the ability to have the thin veil of illusions that girls are something to be worshipped and innocent creatures – stop pedastalizing them – stop appeasing them. Don’t hate them, just learn to love them for what they are.

Don’t contact her. Don’t wait a certain amount of time to then contact her. Forget her. Go out with your friends, and do as much as you can to get her out of your mind. Learn game, learn new things. And always remember…

Dreams pass… in time.

10 thoughts on “How To Get Your Ex Back

  1. Nice post. I agree with you. i believe both of your blogs are on similar topics. About girls.

    The best way to get your ex back however is to go out and show that you dont care. To show your ex that you’re going to go out and do other girls.

  2. Only if she still has interest, which in most cases she doesn’t. Once a girl loses attraction, you can’t get it back, she’ll never get the sexual mystery of you back – once the mystery is gone, you’re done.

  3. Message: Hello, Thanks for your insight on game. Been reading the site the last few weeks. Im 21 girlfriend 20. I went alpha on my girlfriend, agreed and amplified all her shit tests when she wanted to ‘talk’ about how we’d been shaky lately. She got mad saying i dont care about her and that she was going to give a new guy a chance. One of her texts: “As much as i want you i realize I really dont need you. The beautiful difference bw wants and needs. I’m striving to get over you. It’ll be a challenge but someone will treasure me”. She went on texting me things like this, i replied with lol and told her to send me a sexy picture, basically ignoring her long texts. She then texted “Ask ur other girlfriends for a pic. I’m sure theres a waiting list. Im going to actually give this new guy a chance. This is me being honest. I know you dont give a fuck but no need to hide it.” i replied with another lol and said i was waiting on the picture. She didnt reply 3 days later(my birthday) she texts me “happy birthday!”. I dont respond, she calls a few hours later saying she wasnt sure if i got her text and wished me happy birthday. I said aloofly ok thanks. She nervously said ok thats all and i hang up. Then that night she texts me some bs about my mom being funny on facebook “Your mom is soo funny”. I havent replied to it… Overall i think she reacted to my new non caring behavior by threatening me with all her long emotional texts to see if i would bitch up and say sorry like i have for the past 2 years. Im a tall good looking guy and handled our relationship well until recently when i stumbled across this site and realized why she began to withdraw from me a little. Personally i think shes waiting for me to come around and say sorry and try to get in her new graces but i really dont know how to take it from here. How should i reply to these texts? Also i remember reading that when a girl professes how much shes over you and wants to move on shes never been more into you… So with that said, if ive been playing it right, she’ll come around and say shes made a mistake and that she wants things to be like before and what not. In which case id act aloof, and that its no big deal. Maybe even milk it a little and make her feel real bad. But im thinking it may take a few more days because shes not use to this uncaring reaction out of me. Once she realizes im serious she’ll hopefully be back. What do you think?

  4. > Don’t wait a certain amount of time to then contact her.

    This is tricky.
    We think (myself included) – a woman after some time will feel emptiness and will come back.

    Mr R.
    What do you think about Matt Huston’s book Ex2_System book (Get Your Ex Girfriend Back) ?
    I found it as good analyzis and only pity is that I caught the book a bit too late, however still useful.
    I didnt win my private game but I didnt pussified myself.
    Some aces I still have hidden but I don’t bet all my cash on only one bid.

  5. I am back and I can tell you were right in 110% in every word.
    All right. I can live with it (= without her), maybe even better.
    One thing I am interested in:
    Do you have an idea what is in mind of such woman ?
    How they do it that they switch their feelings more easy than to switch off the light ?
    They have bonds, too, dopamine and all other hormones which remember body of the man, all the same what men have about them.
    Where is the difference ?
    What they have and we don’t what causes them behave this way ?

  6. i was trying to frust her she could don’t listen .beause she thinks that i was cheating on her,i beg her to stay she did not what to hear me out .i thought i have lots her because i love her so much ,i try all i could to get her back offortunately she left for good.since that period life was misrable for me to live,i was frustrated because of the love i have for her. a friend of my introduce me to one dr.bashiru of how said to me don’t worry everything will be okay i thought it a joke,until one faithful day on my way back for work i met her outside,carring beggingn me to forgive her is not her furth that she was mislead by her freind advice ,i have no other option than to accept her.a big thanks to dr.bashiru,who help me to bring my ex back,right now we are happily married to each other with 4 kid .if you need help from this great man contact his via mail,……..angelo

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