How And When To Escalate

Escalating with a girl seems like a major last hurdle for guys learning game, or learning to be good with women. It is the final threshold a young Lothario faces when entering the netherworld of seduction – he unconsciously clutches to his white knighthood, desperately afraid to let go – knowing as he passes through this threshold, he will never be the same. When he returns from Hades, he will have the most golden boon this world can offer – constant access to pussy, with minimal resistance.

If you are a student of the Mystery Method, which I am not, nor ever will be, you will be constantly thinking of things like: being stuck in A1 or some crap like that. Honestly, if you are thinking these things, you are doing it wrong. You are not really aware, not controlling  the flow, not in the zone of seduction. Sure it may be handy to some in order to short hand their post game analysis, but it’s completely unnecessary. I find people waste too much time, when they could be fucking.

It has been my experience that you need to escalate soon and often. Do not wallow in too much light flirting or attraction building. If you are interesting in fucking a girl, with minimal resistance when you get her alone, and maximum wetness – you need to start sooner than you are doing.

The only time it’s not a good idea to escalate in the initial stages of interactions is right away. That should be obvious, you don’t want to come off pervy or like a player. But once you sense there is an attraction, you should be escalating.

The opening escalation, again in my experience, is better if it’s bolder than you think you should be. The boldest comment to her is usually the best. Believe me, in my early years I was afraid to say what was on my mind, and it led to longer unnecessary delays in getting her legs open and her on her back, knees, all fours, whatever. Now, I don’t waste time. My time is a valuable fucking resource, and I don’t waste it when I”m with girls. You will find in doing this, as I have found, that girls don’t really want to waste time either, if she’s attracted to you.

So, sense attraction, throw out a nuclear escalation – lean into her and whisper how you want to take her into the corner, pin her against the wall and fuck her like an animal. Gage her reaction. There will be a couple of possibilities, you’ll get blown out – not likely if you know she’s attracted to you already – she will act appalled, you can then act like it was a joke or that you were just testing her, “Hey you passed. Here’s a smiley face.” – or she will be receptive, which obviously you should know to keep escalating till you get home and bang.

You don’t have to be as bold as me, I know what works for me may not completely work for you. But, if there is attraction, you need to push faster and bolder than what you think you can. Many guys get a sense of nervousness or an “I don’t want to turn this girl off” moment before the escalation. Know that, if the girl is into you, she wants to get fucked. If you are an alpha, this is what she’s expecting. The longer you wait, the more she’s disappointed, and starting to think of you as a beta, a push over, another guy who’s too nice in the sack. I’ve heard a lot of girls I’ve fucked say to me, thank me, that I wasn’t another wussbag, or nice guy in bed. Stop disappointing girls and yourself.

You need to shake the illusion that the nice girl exists. Sure there are nicer girls, but EVERY girl wants to get fucked like a slut. At least once in her life. Every girl. Every single one. So give her the fantasy, and get your rocks off at the same time. Hey, if you’re looking for a girl to date, she might be a keeper. These days, with girls in their early twenties, you need to lose the, “I can’t date her if she put out on the first date.” – if she didn’t with you on the first night, you just weren’t good enough with her to get it out of her. Some other  guy in her life will be. Trust me.

Again, don’t do this out of the gates. On first dates,do it after some good banter and comfort building – on a pick up, after she’s let her guard down just a bit – never ever do it in front of others or where she can be embarrassed. Either in isolation or one on one talking where people she know aren’t possibly judging her. If she’s too comfortable or too uncomfortable, you’ve lost your edge.

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