The Womanizer’s Truth

In a womanizer’s career, he will go through a plethora of pussy, a kaleidoscope of thighs, a cornucopia of female traits; good, bad, crazy, sad, sweet, slutty, innocent, adulterous. If you decide to take up the mantle of bedding many women over your career as a womanizer, tossing aside the idea’s of marriage and one pussy mantra’s – you will need to realize some things on the way, and you will need to have a sturdy heart, mind, and body.

There is no such thing as a womanizer that suddenly just comes into existence, it is always a conscious decision – a decision that one does not want to settle down with one woman, and in doing so, does not want to slither off to the sidelines of rubbing it out to porn and video games for the rest of his life. He has to make a decision to plow through women like a basketball player draining three’s in a 3pt drill – he must understand, no he must love all that makes up the feminine spirit and form.

Many people accuse womanizer as misogynist’s, but i would call us masochist. Going through many women will put a man through a torrent of insanity, passion, love, anguish, seperation, and loss – it can happen daily, weekly, monthly or after a few years. It is never easy to let go of a beautiful sweet girl who opens her legs for you, sucks you dry, bounces off your cock, gushes from her pussy at your touch, penetration, and look . No it is never easy, even for those fortunate few who know there will be another around the corner.

Nor is it easy to go through the painful process of dealing with girls you don’t really like, that have their hearts broken at your lusting Lothario ways. Their crying, their tantrums, and their shaming accusations. None of it is easy.

Dealing with women who leave you, when you think you want them, most painful of them all, as it usually takes the womanizer by surprise, and damages ego’s – ruins outlooks – creates frustrated chumps.

A womanizer can go through a lot of up’s and downs on his journey with the lovely young ladies that jump on and off his cock. He can deal with the bitch scorned shrills, to the innocent fearful girls, unwilling to relinquish and surrender her heart to you. It is not for the meek. If you are partaking on becoming a womanizer, realize that you will feel empathy and pain, no matter how much of an asshole you are, or tell yourself to be. There are always a few that grip you, and knock you off your game a little, or sometimes a lot.

It is easy for a man who has gone through a lot of women to become skeptical of them, even spiteful. But a true womanizer, a true Don Juan does not do this. He is not in love with one woman, but women in general. There is simply too many girls out there to enjoy for the womanizer to just love one. Yes there may be one that holds his heart for a while, but, he is always prepared for the inevitable, that all good things come to an end.

If someone told you being a womanizer was all great, it isn’t, unless you understand, that a real womanizer loves the good, the bad, and the frightening. Beauty, is his reward, experience is his gift, and love is like an orgasm – intense until it’s spent.

89 thoughts on “The Womanizer’s Truth

  1. womanizers are sick men who have various psychological problems, borderline personality disorders, sociopaths, psychopaths to name a few, all involving a lack of impulse control, overblown egos, hedonistic natures, and definitely narcisistic.
    They should get help, and women, decent women should be warned about them-
    they should in any sense of ethical behavior, or integrity–should seek other whores like themselves–and stope hurting/harming, using unsuspecting women—or should make their lifestyle known to the women upfront–NOW THAT WOULD BE MANLY!!
    FUCK OFF!!

  2. why are you so angry with men? This is the kind of anti male language that feminists spew. You’re all equal but girls still fall for “games” and you call us socio-paths? Women must be so weak and pathetic to fall for such things. What is it? are you equal or weak?

  3. Women aren’t falling for such things, men are lying and hiding their true intentions. As adults it’s fair to say that a certain social contract of dating is not adhered to by womanizers. These men should say “I’m looking for a short term intense sexual fling” in the beginning. Not pretend to desire meaningful long term relationships which is made all too easy by dating websites. If these men were up front women could make different decisions about them. But they won’t because they know a woman likely wouldn’t give them what they want.

  4. I couldn’t agree with “Chiming In” more–no one would care what womanizers do, if they were honest, upfront, and stop pretending they want a committed relationship,
    stop their LYING, AND GAMES. They should not tell women they “love them” when they don’t. The issue with womanizers is not a purely sexual issue, it is a moral and ethical issue. Two adults who agree to not be in a monogamous relationship, not to commit, is there business—it is the lies, games, deception, and thus hurt and pain it causes.

  5. And how are women upholding the social contract? They cheat and lie as much as men, if not more. Please enough with the white knighting crap.

  6. Please, don’t try to hide behind–well some women do it too.
    TWO WRONGS DON’T MAKE A RIGHT–DECEPTION AND GAME PLAYING IS WRONG WHOEVER DOES IT, and not only are people hurt by these juvenile, narcissistic, sick, people–people can and do get murdered. It is a sad, empty, depraved, and debased way to live/exist. I’d rather be animal mating another animal–where everything is instinctual,
    no lies, or games—-womanizers are below/beneath wild animals of the jungle.
    Humans have been given the capacity for love, and empathy, and caring—but womanizers choose greed, selfishness, cruelty,
    and duplicity–and laugh about their deeds, are proud of the hurt they cause with their so-called evil games. If it were up to me they would be institutionalized, or castrated, or live long enough to see their daughters treated the way they treat other women.

  7. there you go again, talking about how men should be punished and not women. I’m not hiding from anyone ya nazi. you are the evil, manipulative one suggesting mutilation of human beings.

  8. i can relate to this post heavily it really is a wonderful thing to be a womanizer i mean ii have met all types of women, and had my ups and downs each person you meet teaches you something you did not know about yourself and about life i will not be the fool who just stays with one woman and worse yet gets married without knowing whats out there that just leads to disaster and womanizers arent always the stereotypical assholes you imagine some of us have a moral code like being single while having your adventures i have made women cheat but i have never been the cheater also its very easy to tell them that all you want is sex hell these women are even my friends i treat them like godesses i help them with their problems and they help me with mine. in the begining i used to sort of a hate women because some really did crazy things that would even boggle my mind but as time went on i grew up to understand and love everybody i have made life long friends haha they even give me advice with my comitted relationships

  9. If you have the humility to learn, you’re a smart man. And if you can give and receive love and friendship like that, you’re also mature. Congrats!

  10. I agree with this post. However, a true Don Juan doesn’t lie to woman about his intentions. He’s just so smooth that women don’t care that he’s going to be a short fling.
    And I do not approve of you name calling the woman who post on here. If you love ALL women, love the ones who hate as well.

  11. Oh I’m sorry you don’t approve, should I send you a written request on my actions so that you may approve?

    Or maybe you could just realize I don’t give a shit what you think.

  12. Whatever man. The “I don’t approve” wasn’t even the point. It was the statement that followed. If you’re gonna post you should be able to back it up. You’re whole “idc about your approval” only shows you’re still overcoming approval. Best of luck to you.

  13. There is no such thing as specific traits a real man carries what defines a real man in Western Culture will not define a real man in an African or South American (Native ) Culture.Furthermore speaking on the type of males women refer to as womanizers, have you ever considered that maybe they used to be good men who just got their hearts broken one too manytimes,.by women they truly loved? Ladies you can’t put all the blame on the Womanizers for what they’ve become.

    When that Womanizer was a niceguy what did you do to him?Did you not shit on him, did you not tell him he was too nice, too sweet, too sensitive, like a brother, like a close friend you don’t want to lose, and who did you end up picking as your boyfriend?Was it not the same douchebags you complained about, but since the guy that couldn’t get a single date from you has now worked on his inner game and has become the men of men in his society, he’s now a loser, a cheat, a conniving selfish bastard, who won’t commit?Wait doesn’t that sound like the same type of guy by traits you’ve always been atracted to assholes?

  14. Inner game is bullshit fed to gullible men fed by dating gurus to scam men off their money. Many men are already aware of this truth. If they are not, they will be after a decade or two.

    If you have looks and status but zero inner game, you can get laid without lifting a finger (read:girls will chase after you with no effort on your part). Truth.

  15. If a person wants to play the game, that’s cool but I have been led on and hurt by guys not being upfront about their intentions. If I would have known that I was just another girl on the meat market, I would have been gone in a heartbeat. But the womanizers in question lied to me. That’s just plain shitty so I have a general contempt for that sort of mentality.

  16. A close friend of mine could not marry the girl he loved because both families would not allow it. He probably suffered some emotional trauma that led to him becoming a womanizer. I pity him.

  17. Men who work on their inner game in order to build confidence in themselves is one thing.
    Men who work on their ability to lie, to play multiple women at once and not tell them the truth about their intentions, is a sorry excuse for a man.
    You’d call the woman who plays multiple men a whore, and I’d agree with you.
    There should be a similar word for a man who plays multiple women.
    I don’t agree that men or women should have sex with multiple partners at once (I know that I sure wouldn’t take any part in that knowingly)
    But, if a man and a woman are honest with each other about their intentions, and knowingly partake in that behavior because of their incredible game, I will do my best not to judge them for their mutual consenting relations…
    It is when one misleads/lies to the other that makes that person become contemptible…

  18. Hy guys and girls,
    Im 24. Before yesterday I didn’t know that exist womenizers.
    I was like that I was a “menizer” – Im a woman. So like I was, I find somebody that is the same like me, of course, and it was great. Then the weakness of a man-womenizer comes up. He start to checking me, controlling me all the time, all the time he want to spend time together. Then he start the give me ultimates, or I stop or I go. – LIKE A WOMAN! He was charming, good looking not so smart (it pretty common), so I said ok, I will be a good girl, why not? It the Wright thing to do…and what he did?
    I know, you all know, what he did. He start to look others to make me jealous. And you know what? I leave him. Because womenizers you are pathetic, you really have some childhood problems.
    This is all what is wrong in all this games….that you don’t know how to play it honest…

  19. And after this, I’m sure, that this post was written by a man that is not so young. After long time you can’t change, becomes your lifestyle. I’m young, I know that this way of life is caused by some trauma, couldn’t help yourself when somebody for the first time broke your heart.
    Don’t be so weak people, real love exist but is reserved just for the strongest and the smartest.

  20. I was played by a womanizer more than three months. He was calling me all the time, telling me that he wanted to be my boyfriend, he opened up and shared with me about his life. We went out for lots of dates and as soon as I slept with him he told me that he was not interested in a relationship but he wanted friends with benefits because he could not stay faithful to a woman and that because someone in his past hurt him. It was not my fault that the other woman hurt him. I never rejected a man because he was too nice. I always rejected him because he cheated on me or because we were incompatible as personalities.
    I did not deserve to be treated that way from that player. It hurts a lot and especially after him using me for sex while he knew that I am a former victim of domestic violence and I did not want anything casual.
    Before I met him I was feeling that I could not trust men because I was afraid that they were going to turn violent at some point. Now I don’t even want to trust men about anything. I hate sex and I don’t want it anymore. I feel completely broken.

  21. A mature look at womanizing. Well done, author. The men who chose to womanize simply want to have a whale of a time- yes- fucking multiple girls gives us a lot of satisfaction (just as it gives some girls satisfaction to ‘menize’). Girls, I’ve read some of your condemnatory comments (as well as some enlightened feminist comments), and you blame us for breaking your hearts, or accuse us of being mentally damaged. The mature womanizers don’t intend to break hearts, in fact, what we’d like most is for you to be happy and accepting when we move on- like people in free-love relationships. Emotionally damaged? Well, we might have some issues with Mommy or Daddy, perhaps we don’t get on with them too well (I don’t) but nothing as dramatic as you say.
    Like the author says, we have a deep appreciation for the female form- you should consider it a compliment really- a form possessed by not one, but many women, and it is this form that we derive pleasure from getting. Discovering (as well as pursuing and ‘conquering’) new women, new bodies, new personalities is part of the appeal, and the reason we do not stick to one woman. I have had monogamous periods in my life, but after having experienced them I choose polygamy. The thrill of the chase and the reward of sex is what keeps me alive. ‘Love’, in the traditional sense of the word, doesn’t really come into it. Yes, I have been disillusioned by my parents’ love and stopped loving them and consequently can’t love a woman as tenderly, sensitively and compassionately as others can. Love cannot fill my relationships enough to sustain them- that’s why I always move on, eventually. Of course, the vast majority of people eventually move on, but womanizers do so with acceptance and happiness.
    This website is entitled ‘Paradigm Shift’- meaning a change in the way you view the world.
    Who’s to say that it is ‘correct’ for people to have solely monogamous relationships- we have adopted that notion from our ancestors who sought social and religious development in very different times.
    I say that those rules, those paradigms, no longer apply and the sooner women accept that, then the sooner they will stop being hurt by womanizers.
    The question of telling the truth is one that I have pondered deeply- if we tell the girls we pursue that we are already involved with other girls, then we will not be able to pull them, so at times we lie- yes, we do lie. But I don’t like to. This is one of the worst parts of womanizing.
    There are other important issues I would address, but time constraints limit me, apologies.
    I hope I’ve helped to shed a little light on us ‘evil manipulators’- it’s a lifestyle that we chose, (in my case possibly determined by my upbringing)- don’t hate us for it- we are happy, in fact we are thrilled by your glorious form.

  22. I cannot speak for all womanisers but the one I had the misfortune of meeting (or good fortune as I see now looking back), never had a relationship with his mother – he never knew her and he was raised by his sister very resentfully as a consequence. She treated him badly. Now he is in a very unhappy marriage to a woman he hates. The short time I was with him, I realised he was completely screwed up over woman. He didn’t know whether to love or hate them. He would persuade me over and over that he really loved and cared for me and then, not long after his declarations, text messages he had meant to send to another woman were sent to me by him by mistake. I was hurt and relieved at the same time. He had being lying constantly and there is nothing more disrespectful and hurtful. He used and abused because he felt angry and entitled to do so I suppose. Conditioning is powerful especially in the formative years. I feel womanisers are lying to themselves somehow. Perhaps the lies are easier to live through rather than deal with reality which requires a certain amount of honesty which can be painful to accept. The reality being that they are afraid of what they might feel if they were in fact honest with themselves. If you want to be a player, then that’s fine. Just be honest…..but they can’t do that though can they? Because honesty with others is the beginning of honesty with yourself and that takes a lot of strength and courage to see who you really are. Stop running from who you are and start seeing and accepting who you really are. Some people on this forum say womanising is just an expression or a complement (no less) of how they feel about the female form. Beautiful, gorgeous woman eh? That’s only on the surface. These exquisite females also have feelings and emotions. They feel pain, anguish, fear guilt, love, happiness, sadness, depression, loneliness, etc. If not, they would be no better than plastic dolls. Real beauty is found within the shared openness created by a genuine and sincere intimacy. Honesty is the key, firstly with yourself and then with the other. Simple as that.

  23. The woman hurt by womanisers feel a lot of pain….and so do you. Womanisers are not immune from feeling but they act out their negative and destructive feelings of anger instead perhaps through persistent womanising. I believe this behaviour is some kind of emotional safety mechanism to prevent you experiencing real heartache and loss which only happens when you have the courage to love someone more than you love yourself. It also functions as a way to take out past pain and frustration out on those who just don’t deserve it. I know the manipulative psychology of the womanising game inside out thanks to the above mentioned ‘relationship’. It taught me a lot. Thanks for your post.

  24. I love when people reading my blog posts (usually women) who think I write this like a journal of my feelings and that one blog post represents exactly how I think, and my psychology.

    It’s ridiculous. Don’t tell me I have pain or no pain, you don’t know anything about me. Everyone has pain, but you’re attempt at analyzing me is amateurish and way off base.

  25. Actually, I wasn’t trying to analyse you at all. Would you like me to? I am a fully qualified psychotherapist and life coach. I was simply sharing my experiences with you. I know I don’t know anything about you. That would be an arrogant presumption would it not? I don’t doubt that you have (or have experienced) pain…it is quite obvious from reading everything you’ve written that you’ve been through a lot. I can see through that quite easily.

  26. Again, you can read here all you want, and assume whatever you want, but I can tell you, nothing you’re thinking is anything close to reality.

  27. The very fact that you have written this particular blog post is a window into how you think and feel. I am reacting to what you have written as best I can. As for reality, we make our own reality in reaction to experience….we have our own experiences in life and we do our best to make sense of them. That’s all any of us can ever do. Good luck anyway…

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