Is Easy Sex A Detriment?

I was watching a show on HBO lately that focuses on porn stars and their life. The girls that were talking loved sex like the little glorious sluts that they are, and obviously would have sex at the drop of a hat or when asked. They were so cavalier about it that I had a thought that I’ve had before and a feeling before, when the sex is too easy, I don’t have the same urges to fuck. Now, obviously if the girl is hot, I’ll fuck her little brains out, but it doesn’t have the same excitement and passion that a conquest does. A girl that wants to fuck you, not just anybody with a cock. Someone that you have to work a little for, or that portrays a bit of possibility of not getting to penetrate the soft tight pussy, is immensely more thrilling than either paying for sex with a hooker, or having a girl be too easy.

Before you get all half cocked about what I just said, let me point out, at the same time, there is also nothing more ego boosting and powerful than a girl clamoring for your cock, nothing. But if there is the slightest question in your mind that it isn’t your cock she’s clamoring for, but just cock, the situation loses some luster.  So I’m not saying that you lose the urge to fuck, with easy pussy, but over time I think you can with easy pussy.

In a long term relationship, one of the main issues for men is the ‘one pussy for the rest of your life’ dilemma, or in the marriage 2.0 era, until she divorces your sorry ass. If in your LTR the pussy is constantly there for you and easy access, you will get bored of it. Lump in all the other things in a marriage or LTR that contributes to the downward spiral of sex desires with said partner, like kids, responsibilities, familiarity – the latter is the one I think most damaging. Men need to hunt; the pussy needs to be a challenge in order to keep men on top of their game.

The old adage of having sex stop when you’re married is true for a lot of people. But what is the real reason? When locking down a man a girl will do one of two things: Try and emasculate you and beta-ize you so you are not attracting other women (girls know more about their genders slutty behavior more than any of the best masters of seduction) they will dress their men in khaki pants and other earth tones to make him docile and hers. The other strategy, when faced with an alpha that can’t be beta-ized she will do everything to make her man happy. The latter of course makes everyman happy. But it also can make him content. A man who is content loses his vigor, his world conquering anima. He loses what it is to be a man. He is castrated figuratively.

Easy sex out of a LTR can have a similar effect. After so much pussy in a man’s life, he will need to strive harder and harder to find newer, fresher, more different and exotic pussy, ad infinitum, until he either decides to settle down with a girl and accept that he can’t satiate his tastes anymore, or continues to exhaust his efforts in acquiring new and different poon, and getting frustrated that the quality is going down as he gets older.

Anything easy is not worth anything. A man must conquer – the conquest of new pussy is a powerful thing for driving a man – testosterone will pump, he will be driven, we will be a man. One thing girls need to understand in the new ‘fair and equal sexual market place’ or ‘I’m a woman, see me slut it up’ thing is that it’s a detriment for both sexes. It helps pacify males and makes them docile, meaning girls don’t want to get fucked by them, meaning in a LTR she loses interest and stops wanting sex, or he stops trying because he’s lost his anima. Out of a LTR the ease of pussy can produce the same effect, where only the alpha’s that haven’t succumbed to this overt cultural phenomena and have a massive sex drive are the ones still conquering pussy properly.

It’s an interesting dichotomy. Girls sliding their panties off for alphas too easily can kill the hunting desire in men, and the sexual desire in girls. It is important I think, to maintain the sexual interplay between the sexes, the coyness of girls, the infrequency of cocks in them, the defensiveness of girls – and the courting from men – in the form of game. They are both game, and game only evolves in the changing marketplace.

All in all, it is important for men to find a way to keep his anima and keep the conquest of hot pussy as a central theme to his persona – he must strive to make his LTR hot and horny and lusting after him – single guys need to keep up gaming girls, different girls, but looking a little bit more from non slutty girls than just the easy ones – challenge yourself to get the ones that seem unattainable, or hard to get girls (sure keep mixing in the sluts too). Keeping your sexual vigor is important to a man, it keeps him aggressive, assertive, alpha – it helps him live life, conquer, build, fight, move forward. And that’s what a girl wants in a man. Not men who become docile and boring.

4 thoughts on “Is Easy Sex A Detriment?

  1. wow, rock solid argument. either argue a point or don’t come back here. I have no problem with you having differing opinions but your hate mongering will not be tolerated. Any lack of response by you will make your retarded comment irrelevant.

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