Keith Olbermann Fired! Still Believe In A Free Press?

If you still believe in the idea of freedom of speech – that the press on any level  is not only free to express the truth, but actively seeks out the truth and upholds the freedom of speech, regardless of whether you are saying things that your employer does or does not like – than you are foolish, and take a look at corporate censorship active under the spotlights of mass media.

This news is just breaking, so we haven’t heard the reasons for the dismissal, but the rhetoric that is spewing out of CNN is that the brass at NBC didn’t like Keith. More importantly, they weren’t happy with his outspoken ways. Seriously? Glenn Beck and others get to spew out the most inane shit on TV and they don’t get fired. Why? Because their bosses are happy with the message being sent by those tools. Keith was suffering the traditional repression of expression that the rest of the working wage slavers have to put up with in order to be employed in this world. Shut your mouth, and don’t speak out against your corporate motto, or ‘philosophy’. If you do, you will be fired.

I am not a supporter of Olbermann, I don’t watch his show, I don’t know enough about him to say that I agree or disagree with him, but, speaking your mind, especially on a show that is designed to be a forum for opinions, is not a reason to be suppressed. He had the highest ratings on the network, which goes to show you ‘free market’ supporters, that the market is no longer the dictating force in our society. It would seem that the company doesn’t care so much about money, but what is being said in its broadcast. You know what that’s called folks? It’s called propaganda. If you still read the news, on any format, realize that you are reading what the company behind it wants you to read, see, consume.

This is a tragedy for this country, and for our society. Corporate greed and power are going insane with their tyranny that one has to worry just about going to the bathroom too many times – will the Gestapo come down on you for those precious minutes? You may say that’s a stretch, but ask anyone in an office in a big corporation and ask them if it’s crossed their minds. What about having supervisors or co-workers on facebook and other such social media? If you make a joke, or a statement about hating your boss or job, you’ll be fired. What gives them the right to fire you over anything outside of the office? Anything liable in the open air, sure, but expressing your feelings and discontent now get you fired. You need to watch your back when you’re discussing work when you’re at a bar, never know what corporate spies are around seeing if you say anything negative about the corporation.

It’s difficult to understand, these actions of theirs, on the surface it seems psychotically paranoid – but if you look deeper, it’s about control and propaganda. Any corporation sending out any message, I laugh at. I snarl, and I throw things. Large corporations are the vilest thing on the planet. Nothing has less respect and hostility thrown at it from me like them.

I sure hope I don’t get fired for this.

2 thoughts on “Keith Olbermann Fired! Still Believe In A Free Press?

  1. Dude, chill. Olbermann’s a diva-queen; he was hated by the majority of people at MSNBC because he was a self-centered jerk who bullied his staff and underlings and attempted to do so for on-air personalities and upper management. Beck, O’Reilly, Hannity, etc. have never been accused of that, and neither has Maddow, Matthews, Schultz, etc.

    What’s more, Olbermann embarrassed the network. When some Fox News guys gave money to political candidates, the tool who runs MSNBC tried to make a big deal out of it, claiming it showed that Fox was mere propaganda but MSNBC was right down the middle, because MSNBC heads never gave money to political candidates. WRONG! Olbermann did it, breaking MSNBC policy, and throwing egg on the MSNBC chief’s face.

    Third, the free market doesn’t dictate that success=everyone loves you. The adventures of Walmart in the public eye should show that—most SWPLers won’t cast a shadow on its parking lot, and it gets the shit protested out of it in left-wing counties.

    What the free market means is that people are free to evaluate something and choose to participate in it. Olbermann carries ratings success, but a lot of bad baggage with his personality, lies, and blatant hypocrisy.

    Your argument seems to be, if a news commentator is fired or dropped by advertisers, it proves the press isn’t free. If so, you’re wrong.

    Olbermann, unfortunately, will be fine. Despite being a lying brainless tool of the left, he will be hired by someone else, perhaps even back by MSNBC one day. If you take one release by one station as “proof” of a non-free press, you’re just having confirmation bias.

  2. No, my argument is that the free press is supposed to be free of bias from their employers or politicians. Since that doesn’t exist anymore, you may not reckognize what I mean. If you are a company that hires someone to speak their mind on television, then fire him because they don’t agree with what they say, is just plain stupid. Having a propganda free press would be nice. Opinions of an individual is great, but I don’t want to be fed only what msnbc wants to feed you, and neither did Olberman.
    And his crew said that he was nice to him. In fact he only has issues with his bosses who try to get him the tow the line.

    Corporations frequently push individual rights out the window with their inane ‘policies’ which are only designed to harrass employees and keep them in line. Most of what they do with policies should be illegal.

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