Recovering From Mistakes

One of the most common things i read in game blogs, or relationship advice that men ask is when they know they’ve fucked up in an interaction. It’s usually a misplaced, mis-timed, or flat out beta to the max text, action, or comment – with either no response, indifferent responses, or flat out rejection or turn around. The question is always the same, “What do i do next?” – the usual answer, nothing, write her off and go after other women. But the pedastalization continues – or in some cases the competition gene kicks in and refuses to let us lose. The latter is my Achilles heel, i don’t like to lose, i also don’t beleive in the no win scenario.

Even with said belief above, there is always a time when one must concede a loss – after too much appeasement, too much neediness, too much creepiness in repeated blurts, cries, or declarations of affection – there is simply a point of no return. One of the things about game is learning what can trigger negative responses from you, and realizing you did this immediately after. If you are a man, you at some point fired off a text that you didn’t think through or thought it was fun, cute or sensitive – only to realize as soon as you sent it, waited forever for a reply that never comes, that you made a mistake. This moment is much like the moment when you are about to defuse the bomb and you’re not sure if its the blue wire or the green wire, and are about to trust your instincts. You know if you choose the wrong wire you’re gonna blow up, and if you get the right wire, you are back to square one.

The key to recovering from mistakes is one, realize you made a mistake. Two, do not attempt a recovery. Three, under no circumstances can you keep prodding on with recovery texts, comments, displays of love. One of the reasons the advice givers say move on, is because most of the time once a girls legs are shut they are shut for good. However, if you have built enough attraction with a girl you can recover from a mistake if you can successfully make her forget about said comment or action.

Depending on the seriousness of your mishap you can take one of two counter measures when recovering from a mistake. If you know you made her feel awkward, or you seemed needy, pressured her in anyway towards something she was not willing to go to – heavy doses of aloofness are required. Waiting a full day to re-initiate contact again at the very least – and in said contact, re-establish your previous frame with the girl. If she takes the bait plow forward like you were two steps behind where you thought you were before the comment. If your mistake was minor, and you feel that an immediate response is needed to save face, you can fire off a text, or blurt out a comment – but it has to be about a different subject completely, preferably something random and funny. Pointing out some observation you just made, will show her you’re just texting/saying stuff randomly without thinking can give you some leeway in her hamster brain. It will allow her safely to give you a mulligan, as long as you know you cannot fuck up again, at least for a while.

This advice will work if there is sufficient attraction already involved, of course the more alpha you already are and/or the more attraction she has for you, will allow you to say anything – it is a dangerous trap to assume that you are already super attractive in her eyes. In fact never think that she’s completely yours, because, it’s nature, she can’t help what she’s attracted to. Never fall under the spell too much that you can say whatever you want, it is a dangerous game only the top masters can maneuver in.

But, we are human and we all make mistakes. Failure teaches us a lot, and to not err would not be human. Don’t fret about mistakes, just make sure  you are able to recover from them with dignity.

March on soldiers

3 thoughts on “Recovering From Mistakes

  1. Best recovery text ever:

    “My little brother was messing with my phone. What a little shit. Sorry about that.”

    Copyright: Siddiqi… Use and abuse soldiers!

  2. One of the reasons the advice givers say move on, is because most of the time once a girls legs are shut they are shut for good. However, if you have built enough attraction with a girl you can recover from a mistake if you can successfully make her forget about said comment or action.

    I just did this last week. I got totally and utterly shitfaced one night celebrating passing a critical examination, to the extent that I blacked out which rarely happens. When I came to the next day I checked my cell and realized I’d made a bunch of calls to this particular chick at 3am. Apparently we eventually talked for about ten minutes but I had no idea what I said.

    Later I found out we had a filthy conversation that wasn’t too damaging as she was at a stuffy party a few time zones away and said she liked the distraction and contrast of the filth and her uptight surroundings, but I definitely fucked up by both calling too much and calling her when she was out of town. Also I could tell by her subtle word choices that it lowered my value in her eyes a little, but she just texted me some filthy texts this morning that leave me optimistic.

    Regardless, I’m not replying or contacting her for a while to try and recover a bit of distance. I want time for her hamster to get back to speed before I drop a bomb on her randomly in a week or two. Like you said, I think the attraction I’ve built up will pull me out of the nose dive I caused. If it works cool, and if not then I learned a lesson.

    And I am giving up drinking for three months to see how that works.

  3. If she’s sending you filthy texts you are still in. Give at few days then give her direct game and filthy talk to get a bang. She’s still interested if she’s txting and you have proper deniability for her hamster wheel – you were black out drunk. Just don’t be that way when your sober and I say you should be fine.

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