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Ferdinand Bardamu over at In mala Fide wrote an article recently about the death of night game, a seemingly ongoing struggle in men who want poon’s head – to continue to night game, or stick do day game and other game.  The issues that he brings up although valid are not entirely new, as the comments made by his follow up post by Rubix, you can find that article here: Rubix Comment.

We were going to write an article soon about Vancouver Club Scene, but it’s seemingly similar every where. It’s been a while since i’ve been to clubs outside of Vancouver, and from what i can tell, there are similarities and differences as Vancouver has a quality of girls and cunty behaviour like no other city, yet at the same time, super hot babes that want to fuck like porn stars. However this article won’t specifically be about Vancouver Night Game. It is a response (kind of) to the article of the death of night game.

As far back as i can remember the things discussed in both articles have been around for years – sausage fests, too many douches, too few girls, loud music etc. What has changed? Well from when i was more into club games, the types of clubs have certainly changed, at least around these parts. There used to be different types of clubs, played different music, hip hop, top 40, 80’s, rock, electronica, etc. Back then you could go to a club that best suited your style, or you could hit up different types for diversity. Now everything seems to be the same, except now you have underground parties (clubs) that stay open late and are only known to speak easies who usually play the same electronica song for several hours while you’re high on E. Regardless you are dealing with the same group of people in any club environment you go to. Not only that but the bars are all the same, same crowds, same look, same decor. There is far less variety in the types of bars/pubs/restaurants around. Why? Because specializing in some area is bad for business, the risk factor in people and this economy has been eliminated, everything is designed to keep the generic coming en masse.

What does this have to do with game? You ask. Well, knowing what you are getting into should be a first step in going out. Assessing your environment is one of the first things alpha’s do when coming into a room. When you start walking into the same shit night after night, you start to become a little numb to everything, disinterested, frustrated. The worst part about being in a club where there are little to no potential and too many guys, or too many douches to compete with, is that you most likely paid to get in there, maybe lined up for a bit (i fucking hate line ups) – and you have to make the decision to hop to another club or stick it out at the one you are at. Most of the reasons i don’t like clubs anymore, is that i just can’t stand the hassle of getting into them is. If i know someone who can slip me past the line up, maybe, but fuck if i’m waiting in line to get into an over crowded sausage fest with loud beats. However when inside, quickly assessing the situation is key.

Another minor complaint i hear about all the time  is that it’s too loud to talk or converse. It’s always been that way. Sorry PUA’s clubs are not about finding interesting topics to discuss, it’s about getting primal. Dancing and fucking. If you’re leaning in yelling interesting shit at a girl at the club you’re doing it wrong. In club’s the shorter the sentences the better. Club game is escalate, escalate, escalate, dance/isolate, escalate, bang/number. Most of the kino’s and body language stuff game is taught is all good for club game. Bar’s on the other hand, i don’t see any difference in at all, other than what i mentioned before, who’s there in the bar. Sure there are less girls going to bars, but they still do.

One of the things i’ve learned over the years about chicks and getting chicks, is that there is no one game, there is no “this is what you do” to get women. Things are always evolving – sometimes clubs and nights suck, and you can’t let it discourage you – sometimes days suck – sometimes things change to worsen your edge or uniqueness – sometimes girls get more crass, or bitchier. It’s all about adjustments. Again, going out for you’re own enjoyment, other than specifically banging a girl, can alleviate alot of frustration.

Clubs and nights have become a ridiculous wanna pretend i’m a star scenario that is seems to be for girls, to dress up slutty and post pics on facebook like the paparazzi followed them – and for guys, buying 300 dollar bottles and acting baller. Both are stupid. But though it’s changed, it’s really just more of the same. I think there’s a saying about that.

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