Lesson From A Natural

I’ve pointed out here that i grew up as what the blogosphere of game articles would call a natural – i call it old school ways of game, meaning passed down through natural processes, i.e. watching guys with game, being taught from guys with game, and trial and error, also perhaps just that natural masculine alphaness born with in me – although it might be more apt to say i’m a rebel at heart, and being a momma’s boy in my early youth, and being raised by women, i naturally rebelled against the common feminization of our men in society.

The only difference from me now, and me in my early years of seduction, is that now i can break down what i was successful at and why it was successful, whereas before i was just doing it. Sure i’ve had conversations with fellow seducers (they know who they are) and we’ve dissected what works and what doesn’t – but what always kind of went over my head was why. I was never quite sure, or really took the time to think about it too much, on why when i acted aloof and didn’t give a shit, this worked with women – or even why when i did care, it didn’t work. I kind of naively chalked it up to nature (which sure it was, but not in the sense that i realized i had at times betrayed nature.).

The most simplest thing i can do to explain what i learned was what i just mentioned. Every successful bang, relationship, interaction with women were ones that i knew (pretty confidently) that they were in my range, meaning maybe a bit hotter than i normally could get, or at my level or just below, or far below. Because of this range, i never really wanted more than sex from them at the beginning, hell even then i knew there were tons more laying in the wake if i somehow struck out with these girls. The problem always came up however, when there was one that created heart pangs and nervousness in me – one that i got crushes on, ones that i actually wanted. Like really wanted. That’s when my natural game fell apart. Fell apart is probably inaccurate, that’s when the atomic bomb of earth shattering proportions blew my ego and confidence into a million pieces. For some bizarre reason i always changed my behaviour around these women, and for the most part i never got them. The rare time i still got a few bangs in there, but rarely did i get what i wanted in return. Validation.

This of course is the whole reason game exists. To get men out of this conundrum and get the girls they want, or to get rid of the naive beta crushes – or to get rid of the improper frame. Learning control over yourself so that you can act the same way with any woman, not confident with some and a wussy fumbling goof ball with others. As a natural it hurt my confidence because i couldn’t see how different i was acting, i couldn’t define why i was acting different – at times i knew i was being completely retarded and yet couldn’t stop. It’s only when i started to read up on game that i could quantify what mistakes i was making and more importantly learning to focus on what i did well, and learn control in order to act accordingly with any girl.

Learning to not care, like i did with the ones i didnt crush on, one’s where i maintained my natural state, my natural game, was the biggest change in me – and really what game talks about. Seek and destroy any betaness in you with the intensity of a thousand suns. Accepting the realities of the world, bio-mechanics, girls and my own actions were the building blocks of becoming a real grown man. Moving on to action was the next logical step, which also leads to reinforcing them in my head.

Defending against one-itis, i believe, more than just wanting to learn to bang as many chicks, is possibly the main reason for game. Nothing in this world is as bad as having a bad does of one-itis. The bounty comes from becoming this, because with out one-itis, you are free to act according to your desires, be that banging as many chicks as you can, to getting a good girl you want to date.

That’s game my friends, that’s all it is.

March on soldiers

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