I Want To Fuck Every Hot Girl I See

I really do have a serious problem, i can wake from a post coitus night of splendor with a hot babe, be content while i’m still at home, and watch her leave, and be as relaxed as a hindu cow, content in my jizz spent masterpiece i performed on said babe. The problem lies when i step out on the street.

Vancouver is ripe with some of the most gorgeous women in the world, all types, different races, different styles, different types – but so many hot ones, all over the place. My neighbourhood which i’ve lived in for the past year, but had spent years in the neighbourhood previously for 5 years – used to be void of hot babes at certain times of the morning or day. A sunday would be fine to put on a cap, un-showered and walk to the store for some nice hangover provisions – i do this now, and bam, there are at least 4 hot babes i encounter. I know this seems like a great problem to have, i mean the upside is that you are never at a loss of replenishable hot pussy, but the downside is, sometimes i actually do need a break from women.

When i need a break from girls completely, i now have to invite my guy friends over to catch a hockey or football game, maybe a fight on pay per view every now and then, just to avoid hot babes entering my field of vision. The problem is i live in a building with hot babes, and if my curtains are open, theres at least 10 that walk by my building. It’s excruciating. I can’t possibly be with only one woman anymore for an extended period of time – i always see a hotter babe as soon as i leave my apartment.

I was picking up food for a girl i was having over tonight, bam, a sultry girl standing there talking with her fat girl friend, aimlessly waiting to make an order but oblivious of having to make contact – probably not used to being in a room with out being noticed – we exchange sex glances, she’s wearing tall black boots and tight black pants – i immediately have thoughts of tearing off her pants and bending her over and ravaging her. I grab my food and notice a final sex glance at me as i leave. God, at some point it would actually be nice to just not see chicks i want to fuck the shit out of on a moment to moment basis.

Looks like i’m gonna have to get out of the city for the few months that i want to not have chicks in my life, or bother with them at all, because it’s not something i can ever turn off.

It’s like paradise and a torturous hell at the same time. Blissful? Mostly, but sometimes quite a bother.

39 thoughts on “I Want To Fuck Every Hot Girl I See

  1. An enviable problem you have there! At least you have the option of opting-out, whereas most men can’t get an opt-in!

  2. Lol dude i have the same problem if i see a hotty i jst want to bang da living hell out of thm and i can’t stop it.

  3. The solution to your problem is obvious . ….
    #1Go blind, or- #2 get married.
    #1) You will no longer see hot chicks you just gotta back immediatly. If your blind, you will only SMELL hot chicks you just gotta bang.
    #2) If your married, Your leash keeper will swat you so hard that your eyes fall out of your head and (see #1).
    No cost for this prescription this time young man.
    The Docktor

  4. same bro! And I know what you’re talking about with the women in Vancouver. I was there in 2010 and there was endless hotties I wanted to fuck the life out of and I couldn’t help it! Still can’t! I walk down the street these days and I see so many hotties and I just imagine what their pussy tastes like. How do we beat it?!

  5. So sorry to hear this. It makes me sad for you. Too many choices.

    I guess it’s kindof cool in a way, lots of beautiful women around you all the time. You clearly get to be with many of them.

    You have “game” of course, that is most impressive.

    So why arent you more content? Geesh, one would think that with all this success you might find yourself struggling a little less.

    Plenty of game yet still not satisfied?

    Thanks for the insight this provides me. Most helpful.

  6. Been thinking that my last comment was too mean, I really didnt mean for that to happen. Sorry.

    Instead I should have written this: I read about a priest in Hawaii that had the same problem. Crazy for every bikini wearing hot girl he saw (and I imagine they were everywhere all the time). Finally he decided to try viewing them a different way. Just as amazling beautiful creations.

    Perhaps if you started looking at the female form as Art or some other concept, you might feel less overwhelmed by the amount of conquesting you have yet to do.

    Just a thought.

  7. Married guy here… Know what you’re talking about. It’s called masculinity. I mean it’s our purpose to be drawn to the feminine wherever and whenever we are. Embrace it and enjoy it. It means that you’re alive bro. And it’s a problem that feels oh so nice. Unfortunately you can’t drive every Aston Martin that’s in the streets either (puts a broad smile on my face each time I see and hear one all the same).

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