One For The Ladies

Here’s a common problem with ladies out there, the how much to show of your independence to a man on a date. It seems that some girls are reading this blog and confused on topics such as aloofness, and i’ve met a few girls who don’t understand how to flirt, admitted as much, and also girls who spew off too much of ‘i’m an independent woman’ vibe, which is extremely unattractive, not to mention annoying and try hard. Nothing worse than a girl trying to be something, or trying at all. If you are pretty and have any sort of personality, we’re pretty much wanting you. Girls, stop reading advice sites and columns like this one at which says this as a turn on for men:

3. An independent streak. In my own experience, the worst thing a woman can do — whether it’s on a first date or after 20 years of marriage — is subsume her naturally ebullient personality in an effort to be more “accommodating” to her partner and avoid making waves. Most guys like a brisk, good-natured argument, and if you nip this possibility in the bud by constantly replying “I agree” or “Yes, you’re right,” the relationship (not to mention the conversation) will go absolutely nowhere. On the other hand, though, playing devil’s advocate in every conversation just makes you seem combative. So if you find yourself disagreeing more than not with your date, maybe it’s time to look for someone that’s a better fit for you, personality-wise.

Wrong, the worst thing you can do girls, is assert your independence to us. Now it should be obvious that agreeing with everything we say and completely submitting to us might make us assume you are a push over or vulnerable to any man’s desire, asserting or trying to show your independence is a turn off, not a turn on. Again, you are a girl, we see this attitude in every over inflated egocentric western girl out there, the ‘i don’t need a man to be happy’ attitude can go right out the window. It might have been advantageous 10 years ago, but it simply isn’t necessary.

What the real meaning should be, is show your personality, don’t be aggressive or too passive, but just be you. Girls always tell Beta males to just be themselves, it doesn’t work for guys, because most guys are wusses and white knights, who display traits that are unattractive to girls. However, for girls, especially pretty ones, just be yourself, you don’t need to prove anything to us, we have a certain level of respect for you, and what we’re really looking for is someone who wants to be with us, and respects our masculine alpha nature. So constantly putting up a power struggle off the bat will have the guy walking faster than a f-22 escaping a dog fight.

So girls, stop trying to do things, stop trying to be powerful, independent or anything, just be the sweetheart every guy wants to be – your independence will show through in your actions. Relax and you might just be happy. And stop listening to this feminist garbage.

4 thoughts on “One For The Ladies

  1. TOTALLY agree…

    In an age where us men are trying our best to lean into our masculine polarities and be strong, confident and alpha…. At the same time, women need to own and lean into their FEMININE polarity which does not include being overly independent and opinionated.

    Yes, men like a woman with a brain and personality, but at the end of the day we’re going to listen to whatever our balls our telling us to do. For the women out there – by just prettying yourself up each night, that takes care of 95% of the attraction a man would feel for you. Just be yourself, don’t be afraid to show your opinion, but you don’t have to make it a point to ASSERT your opinion and independence. It’s just a massive turnoff as HeManimal just stated.

    Great article man, keep up the good work.

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