Girls Misunderstand Game

Girls will never understand why guys have to run game in order to sleep with them, seduce them, generate attraction in them, date them, and keep them around, and interested. Now that knowledge of game that has been spread through the internet, is not uncommon for a girl you are gaming to bring it up in the seduction, also to point out that you are running game. They have a knowledge about it unlike previous generations, though they always knew it, they always knew when a guy was playing them, or they just assume any guy who is actually making them attracted to them are playing them on some level (all apart of their natural anti slut defence. Once they sense the power of seduction isn’t being dictated by their golden pussies, they put up the shields because they feel vulnerable and know how easy it is for them to give in on their temptations. Girls cannot control their desires, if you want proof put a piece of chocolate in front of one and see how long it lasts.).

They have different reactions to game, they will attack it on blogs like this, or if you  happen to be talking about it as misogynistic and manipulative, they will cast shame on any man who supports it by accusing them of being a player and an asshole. They assume anyone who uses techniques and game as someone who will fuck girls, leave them and treat them like shit (this is what guys will do, but the idea of game is much more than that, it’s here to help guys keep the good ones interested in them. Really its a benefit to both sides, as game is only pointing out what girls actually like, rather than listening to what they say they like.). The other reactions consist of defense against game, unable to admit that a man can have that much power over their sexuality. Girls have always got off on being seductresses, and get off on the one power they have over men, the man who reverses this power is extremely powerful to her, attractive, but very dangerous to her, as it takes her one and only true power out of her hands.

The problem with girls understanding game is that they don’t even understand themselves, and they certainly don’t understand how hard it is for guys to get laid. They know we all want sex all the time and with different women, they know every guy wants this, and if you are good with them, if they want to fuck you, then every other girl must want to as well. A failure to understand themselves as woman-kind. They don’t even know that they can be turned off in a millisecond for all of time, if you say or do the wrong thing. Game and seduction is a process and a build up – it takes being on your game to not make a mistake, because a mistake will cost you a girl. They can’t think about this with a guy who is tingling their vagina, they can only think about all the other girls who are salivating like they are for your cock. They inherently devalue all women when thinking this, that every girl must be as weakened and horny in your presence like they are. Girls are extremely selfish and cannot see past themselves, they are also extremely jealous and possessive of a man who tingles them so. They simply cannot fathom that the guy who makes them so wet and sexed up can dry up other equally hot or even lesser hot girls. Of course it is not in our best interest to remind them this, as pre-selection is a massive aphrodisiac for them. It’s best to go along with it because a girl wants to fuck a guy who other girls are clamouring for, but at the same time, they are extremely insecure about this, so they will constantly guard about fucking you and letting  you in, until they are comforted in the fact that you are only interested in her, or that she is special.

They also think that we can get laid by every girl out there because they are so wrapped up in themselves that they project their reality onto you. Girls like to be fucked, and they like it a lot, and they know they can get fucked by any man, any where, if they’re hot, hell even 4-5’s can get sex just by offering it in a crowded room. If a guy were to stand up and ask for sex in the same way, he’d be laughed at and mocked by all the girls in the room. They assume it’s as easy for us to get sex as it is for them, so they see game as dark art that only assholes use for their advantage. It can be, but it’s mostly just required to get sex and attraction from a girl.

Like anything, game is neutral, it is a necessity in getting chicks – its how it is used that makes it light or dark – you can use it to be a player and fuck a lot of girls, or you can use it to keep a girl you feel worthy of being with for a LTR or marriage. Don’t hate the player, hate the game…an old adage, but it speaks volumes about girls. They hate game, but the only way to get rid of it, is to admit to themselves mostly, that what attracts them is not a guy being in a vulnerable and nice state. Every girl has gets off at the idea of getting fucked by a random man, it makes her insatiably horny, and they do give in at times, but that man has to still not fuck it up, he still has to maintain a sexy frame and the same frame during the entire seduction. She may not enjoy the aftermath or the walk of shame, but she gets off on the idea of getting fucked by random alpha’s. Most of the time they will not even admit this to themselves, but they want it, almost as much as men.

Game as it’s widely known is just a mechanism to help guys be their confident self and display proper masculine traits in relation to women, and in relation to other men. It is there to build and keep attraction. So when greeted with the defence shields of being a player or running game on them, agree and amplify or misdirect – of course it will keep coming up the more she’s attracted to you. If you find that you passed a shit test like this, and she keeps bringing it up after successful passes, you will need to reassure her at some point and make it seem genuine if it isnt – because the more she brings it up, the more insecure she is getting, but that also means the more horny and attracted she is to you. The more you make her wet, the more she’ll be thinking of other girls with you, and she’ll be a cauldron of passion you can explode into. Enjoy that wonderful pleasure palace.

4 thoughts on “Girls Misunderstand Game

  1. Nice article. A good summary of the difference between the sexes. Just like girls need to wear sexy clothes and do their makeup, guys need to go out armed with game to get an edge.

    (Also… I’m always trying to read your posts in Google Reader and they only show up as summaries. Unless you have a reason you don’t want the full articles showing up, go into your dashboard to Settings –> Reading and switch the feed from summary to full text.)

  2. While I definitely don’t think all girls want sex with a random (it’s never appealed to me, at least) there was a book called Fear of Flying that revolved around a woman with that fantasy, which she termed The Zipless Fuck, because it would be two people just melting together, clothes coming off like there were no zippers, with no emotional connections and no ties and no thought of anything other than pleasure.

    The book isn’t very good, but you might be interested in it.

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