Surviving The Apocalypse Tip #3: Weather Changes

As a rare snowfall hit Vancouver on Thanksgiving day (u.s.) we are reminded of an important tip to help you prepare for life during and after the apocalypse. Depending on what time of year and what part of the world you live in, when the shit hits the fan, you are gonna want to think long term as much as possible. That’s why early preparations is so important.

Hopefully you have all been taking my earlier advice and secured a small place in the middle of nowhere to start life anew when the blood fills the streets of our cities, and you’ve installed solar panels for your electronics and power needs, but even if you have internal heating and freezing capabilities, you might want to think about some other things you might need to brave a nuclear winter, or a scorching atomic summer.

We ave no idea what type of apocalypse is going to happen, but it’s better to be prepared for anything. So you’ll need to stock up on items of clothing for all seasons, and since there wont be factories pumping out new stuff, you are going to want to get multiple items – also get a variety of different sizes so that your many kids from multiple wives can wear clothing during the different seasons.

Also you may need to build fires, so get some flint, and you might as well stock up on refillable lighters and kerosene. Oh yes, and don’t forget the coffee. If i’ve told people once,  i’ve told them a million times, it’s pack more coffee!!

The more items you can think of that can prepare you through the harsh winters and blazing summers the better. I know it seems expensive, but if you do these things piece by piece, you’ll be better off than trying to fight off all the looters, and who’ll be protecting your women during that time?

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