Game Has Always Been Here: Homework Edition

Alright soldiers, get your number 2 pencils ready, tonite’s edition of the shift will bring with it some homework for all of you to do at the end of the lesson. Okay, not all of you, just you folks who are in LTR’s and/or marriages, actually even just in a new relationship. Have your pencils ready.

First off, we’ve been reading a lot of other bloggers of similar material for quite a while now, and have been inspired to create and write this article, one because those writers help me rediscover game, my manhood, and got me out of my mini funk i was in at the time. All men are capable of being in a funk and sinking into oblivion, most men will at some point in their lives come to a time where they will question who they are, what they have been doing, where they are going, and what it was all about. It happened to me, it happens to most people who are of moderate to high intelligence, who ponder life, who question reality and fantasy, who look at the status quo and wonder if its really what it seems – people who are self aware, who are trying to better themselves – at some point they will question everything. I went through it, perhaps i will go through it again, it’s always a good thing to do, re-evaluate oneself and where one is at.

Okay, so another reason we had at creating this site is a little more complex. I read a comment over at The Chateau the other day, in this comment the young man said something like this (paraphrasing due to laziness of tracking down the actual quote, none the less, the point will be the same) – “the feminization of men in our modern day, and the slutty and entitlement complexes that our women demonstrate has led to the invention and practice of game.”.  This is not entirely true. Game has been run since time began. We have called it game since i was a child and its went back further than that. Not just a 10-15 year old practice, it has been going on for human history, not always called game mind you, but it’s the same.

So we have the internet now, but when i was a child i witnessed game first hand, like it had been passed down in ages past, from first hand apprenticeship with an alpha master. It was secret information that was given to select young men who had potential to become a master in seduction, in the ways of women, it was passed on by an older brother, a father, an older friend, sometimes in a direct way, others in indirect ways, but always a passing of knowledge where both understood what was transpiring. In the meantime of course the other beta boys were running around trying to play desperately with girls or other kids, playing skipping or some other gay shit. They ran around with girls and other boys unaware of the greater goings on underneath the thin veil of fantasy. When the switch goes off, even at a young age, you are a changed man, you become a man.

Now, a few of us have taken up to the internet to divulge this information to a mass amount of you, why? It just isn’t the same since the relatively fast feminization of our culture, our men, our young boys becoming more and more girl like, half the guys in their 20’s out there are acting like fags, the other half are desperately trying to appease women for a small taste of their vag’s. It has become increasingly dangerous to talk about this to younger men because of their propensity to run and tell a girl, like mom – it’s like living in a totalitarian society, where meeting in underground bars can lead to capture, torture and death – spies are everywhere – so the masters take to the internet, where it is free to use this knowledge as you see fit. But game was always there, always.

Another comment that i read, and keep reading is the blaming or whining about how bad women have become. We point it out here, we describe what women are like, but there is such a torrent of beta bitterness about how bad american women are (they are bad, don’t get me wrong) but to whine about it isn’t manly nor alpha. I see people starting to have a “Roosh Crisis” where they run to other countries to find more appealing and feminine women,  not to mention hotter – there is nothing wrong with this, in fact i will be doing the same thing, most likely if things do not improve here soon. The downside, the part people don’t see? This bad behaviour is spreading world wide. Having experienced some foreign women in the recent past i am seeing this infiltration first hand. European women are the furthest along, Entitlement complexes are starting to rise, they are in some area’s still more affectionate and freely give it, but it’s starting to have compliance relations with it – japanese girls are the type that will last the longest, a culture so steeped in girls submitting it will take a while, but the downside is they are so slutty they will be fucking other guys on the side all the time, not to mention their cute and sweet submitting nature can fool you into relaxing your game, you must not or she’ll be jumping cock all around you. Chinese girls are like this in the beginning, but once it gets really serious she’ll turn into her shrill mother who will have an entitlement complex rivalling 10 american women, Koreans are similar. Latina’s? Well Roosh says Brazilian women are still ok, so maybe it will take longer to get to them there, but Russians are on a slow decline as well. Feminism is spreading like a sick disease and ruining all of our women.

So i write this blog, instead of running off to find better women, in order to help and balance the force, and in order to balance things out, men need to be men again. This blaming women for their actions is ridiculous, i would not give women the credit for such a thing, they simply cannot be held responsible – have you ever been to someones house where their kids are running around like little monsters and the parents can’t control them? No discipline? That’s what girls are. Our feminized pussy beta men out there refuse due to fear of shaming and loss of pussy to project authority, and thus women and children are running amok with terrible behaviour.

The idea that chivalry and white knighting ever worked is another fantasy, this behaviour was always a poetic one, and not one actively practised, the idea that there was a world where women were more chaste or were better than our modern counterparts is just plain wrong. Why do you think there were such things as chastity belts? Girls of any time would jump cock if they were allowed to. Chivalry was a social construct, a way to behave in the elite and upper class, just like manners. It was never run by the masses. It never worked for joe blow farmer. An actual knight was supposed to be chivalrous because every woman wanted to and probably did jump their cocks when they rode into town? What better fantasy for a married girl to have an affair with, a brave soldier alpha who would be gone soon, and never spill their secret. Hell read the stories of the past its filled with women’s infidelities and inability to control themselves sexually and emotionally. The only difference was, men on the most part, acted like men, and had built up the social constructs to keep most women behaving. Feminism in theory should not have broken this, but in its fallacy it betrayed being feminine. Feminists don’t hate men, they just want women to act and behave like men, its the biggest bout of cock envy i have ever heard of.

So this brings us to our homework soldiers. Take note for all you men in relationships, especially LTR’s.

Assignment 1: Next time you get home from work and your lady is home, walk in with out saying one word. Walk up to her, take her hand, firmly but softly, like you would a small child, gently but with authority, and lead her to the bedroom. Do not say one word. When you get to the bedroom, fuck her good, if she’s wearing a skirt, turn her around with the same mannerisms as leading her there, and lift her skirt and ravage her from behind. If she’s not wearing a skirt, just take the necessary clothes off, do not undress her all the way, do not undress yourself. And do not say a word. When done, again say nothing, put your pants on and leave. Go make a sandwich or watch tv and act like nothing happened. Watch her reactions.

Assignment 2: Not to be overlapped with assignment 1. The next time your woman displeases you in any way, any small way, tell her in a stern way, not angry, not bitter, just stern and powerful – tell her you don’t like her behaviour and will not put up with it. Do not explain, do not say anything else. If she persists, simply tell her you will not be discussing it any further, and then move on to regular routines. Notice how she behaves.

Now, when you finish your assignments, come back here and let everyone know how it turned out, how she suddenly started to behave and act more lady like, or if by some strange reason she doesnt i can let you know where you messed up.

Get to it Soldiers. Tick Tock

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