A Good Girl In Wolves Clothing

Dealing with the pangs of guilt can be a struggle. As a man, we are taught to be gentleman and that the heart of woman should be treated with care, as it’s a precious little ceramic ornament gently hanging from a flimsy branch ready to shatter into a thousand tiny little pieces at the faintest touch. Luckily as we’ve been pointing out here, this is an illusion. Mostly.

As soon as you are presented and perceived as someone as high value and a girl ligitimatly starts investing in you, then her heart will shatter into a thousand pieces if you treat it with your usual bastard ways. Even in this rare American culture of sluts and empowered women, they are still fragile if they still have a heart, and the heart is blindly given to alpha men. The trail of broken hearts can lead to the select few Alpha’s who have pumped and dumped, gamed and moved on. There are the coldest bastards that are alpha’s and truly embrace the reality that most women will hypergame their ass as they see fit, and once a rationalization has occurred in a woman, she will be colder than any man, and her blow to you will be swifter than any so called asshole alpha’s would be.

See, as men, we are still in power, because although this overly feminization of our men in out current society, we are still the ones in power because we are still believed that we are the less caring, the less in tune with our nurturing sweet side, better yet the more in control and the more of the paternal teacher role. Many of us are learning the hard lesson that it doesn’t pay to care about any one girl, as it hinders us in obtaining girls, and the girls we desire. So it is in our best interests to turn it off.

However, every now and then, you have one that really makes you feel guilty about ending it, it’s hard to be cold, even though you know you should. A girl can be a nice girl, even if she isn’t displaying feminine traits. It’s a bizarre anomaly in the dating market. She is masculanized to try and break you of your alpha traits, sarcastic, and blurts out things that will try and crush a man’s ego, and not even be aware that she’s acting like that. She isn’t trying to be mean, or to not be feminine, she just doesn’t know how to be. I think this may be the most tragic victim in all this, even worse that beta men, as they can still learn to be men instead of wusses, they have the capacity to learn, as Girls on the other hand, are left to men to teach them how to act.

At this point in my life, i’m not gonna try and break a girl in if it takes too much work too early, i just don’t have the patience, even if i’m looking for a LTBC situation. But breaking a girl’s heart that is genuinely nice and is very attached to you is tricky, because even though her actions repulse you, you know deep down, she’s really a sweet heart. The best thing you can do in this situation is let her find a beta man (of course she won’t want that, but that’s what she should have) and move on, as much as it makes you feel like a complete ass, and makes you feel like you are betraying what your values tell you. After all, we are all just looking for a nice girl, who will be loyal and sweet.

Ladies, if you are capable of learning anything anymore, if you are sweet and nice, attractive and genuinely a sweet heart, show it, don’t fight it. You may end up with an Alpha that might just want to stick around for a while.

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