NFL Gameday: Favre’s Game

Brett Favre, the Viking, the greatest icon in the most popular sport in North America, I have one question for you. What the fuck? We all know by now that Brett has been accused of texting pictures of his genitals to a hot ass NFL sideline reporter. Donlak would know better than me but I would suggest this is not good texting game. But still, I actually have more sympathy for Favre than most. He’s a 40 year old manchild/grandfather. That’s a tough existence to navigate. He’s been with his wife forever, since his teens. He got hitched too early. Been a Dad for 20 years. He’s had women throw themselves at him for most of those 20 years. If he’s made advances on any of those girls, it is unknown, but nothing has leaked prior to this and not enough has leaked since to suggest he has, at least not in a Tiger Woods like fashion. Here’s the core to Brett’s problem, he’s getting old and he realizes he’s getting old. His on field game is diminishing and therefore his off-field appeal is diminishing. Add to this, his sexual powers are diminishing, not significantly, he’s 40 not 65, but slowly, they’re on the decline. But add together the loss of his ability to do his job, the loss of his public and sexual appeal, an appeal he’s never taken full advantage of, and the degradation of his sexual powers, and you realize the terror he’s facing. It is this terror (if the reports are true) that have caused Brett to act in such a bizarre manner. Assuming he hasn’t slept around, he has been saddled to one woman during a period when he could have any woman. He’s reaching a time in his life when this is no longer the case. Add to this his days in the spotlight are numbered. And he’s a spotlight junkie. We’ve all seen that footage of Joe Namath, as an old man, hitting on that sideline reporter. That’s not the Broadway Joe we want to remember, no that’s more like Hastings Joe. Brett realises his Broadway Joe days are ending and is regressing into Hastings Joe. Brett’s football, his celebrity is his identity. Without it who is he? Who is Brett Favre? I don’t think Brett knows. And this is why he can’t stay retired, why he’s easily manipulated into returning to football when his body and mind are clearly not capable of playing the game at the level he’s used to. I’ve never been a Favre fan. But there is a real tragedy watching his on-field and off-field game slowly die. But he’s not alone in facing this tragedy, we all approach it one day, if we live long enough, he’s just alone in his house facing it while it’s being broadcast around North America on the TV, radio, internet. We’ll all age, we’ll all lose our abilities, sexual and professional, and we’ll all react to it differently. I just hope I age with a bit more dignity than that of a flasher. Old age is a bitch and entropy consumes all. Even the Viking.

2 thoughts on “NFL Gameday: Favre’s Game

  1. I agree with you HeManimal, watching Favre through this is like witnessing a single white girl approach 30, hitting the wall is not pretty.

    Lesson here men: Enjoy you’re prime, do not get locked down in your 20’s and early to mid 30’s. Bang as many hot chicks as you can. Hell keep banging them into you’re fifties. But face reality with the cool head, and proper frame. You are not a young stud at 40 brett, but you can have appeal to young hot ladies, if you accept your age and become more sauve, more in control, classier.

    You never want to hit a wall as a man and say, shit i coulda banged so many hot women, now i’m old and can’t. It’s why you should always be banging hot women. No regrets.

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