Determining Your Sexual Marketplace Value: Get Out There

Our friends over at The Chateau have a nice set of measurable parameters that can help you determine your sexual market place out in the field. It’s a good reference point for you to begin with to see where you are. But the only true way to find out what your actual sexual marketplace value is, is to get out there and talk to lots of women, and go through the turmoil of getting bitch shields, anti-slut defenses, cold hearted rejections, turn arounds, looks of disgust, and learning how to manage all of these in order to plow through them in some cases, and in other cases learning to not let it get to you.

If you’re an older player, it can be a bit more difficult as some of the younger girls still hold a weirdness about guys in their 30’s, even if you’re a sexy stud. They just might not bite. Same for a man in his 20’s if he’s looking for slightly older women or classier women. Wherever you are in the spectrum there is always trade offs. Like i said before, not every hot chick is going to want to bang you, and even when you are gaming them, not ever chick is gonna have her buttons pushed properly, even if you are running natural game, or running Mystery Method. It’s just reality that some girls have bizarre triggers that slam their legs together for you, for ever.  Mostly, you need to learn to walk away unscathed from the odd encounter where a girl just shuts down for seemingly no reason, don’t analyze too much, and go on to the next one. Remember, they’re crazy. Even if they’re the hottest one you would have ever banged. Use whatever it is you did, calibrate and the next time you come across someone like that, run what you have learned and avoid those types of triggers.

See the only way to do this, is to get out there and fail, and fail again. Success comes. It’s a numbers game. A problem of mine is that if i get a quick bang from one girl, i can fall under the assumption that i can charm anyone into a quick bang using the same method. That’s an enormous mistake. They’re all different, with different notes to play on them. That’s why, although maintaining  a sexual frame, you must pluck her strings gently in order to hear what pitch she’s in and what kind of tuning you need to do.

You will need to let go of every situation, as you don’t want to bring any baggage with you into any situation. I don’t want to explore a girls baggage, she certainly doesn’t want yours. But, the only way to know how good your game is, is to get out there and try. The only way to see what kind of girls you can get, is to get out there.

Okay, let’s say you are actually looking for a good LTR, would you rather get the best that you can get, or the first one that came to you? Don’t you want the feeling that you chose your woman, and not the feeling of, boy was i lucky? That latter feeling will always have you clutching at that girl, because you’re so lucky to have her. The only way to keep the manly hand in a relationship is from the frame of you choosing her. She’ll feel more special, and you won’t feel like a wuss. If a LTR isn’t what you’re after, the only way to keep getting hotter chicks, is learning how to not let them get away from you. The hotter the chick who is in cock jumping mode, is looking for the first sign to get a better cock to jump onto. With those one’s you will need to know how to be completely aloof, and fun, and interesting, and sexual – with out being weird, try hard, or overly sexed up. It’s tricky, you can only learn it by failing. I know that failing sucks, but it truly does make you stronger. Trust me.

March on soldiers

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