How Girls Are Like TV’s

First the obvious, there’s few things that you’d rather look at than either than either girls or TV’s. Secondly, when they go on the fritz or get outdated (old) you get a new one.

Those are both obvious, but with that out of the way let’s look at brand new tv’s, and how you always want one, always want a new one, because after the first few months of enjoying your crystal clear giant tv screen, the better, bigger, newer model you really wanted drops down in price. The equivalent in girls is obviously, the prettier, younger, more fun suddenly shows interest when you lock down a long term bangable chick (from here on out referred to as LTBC). Now you are perfectly fine with the one you have, but you really can’t help but fantasize a little bit about the better one. But some of you resign yourself to just sticking it out with the one you got, and maybe in the future you will get the other one, when it wears out and you can justify it to yourself. None of you bother to think that you can have both. Did you? Well maybe if you only have one room in your apartment, then this might be a bit much (for tv’s or girls) but look, you can have both, if you so desire.

I do have another point here, that i think can benefit young men out there. When you don’t get the tv, the one you really wanted, do you think about it all that much? When you were looking at it, did you stare needingly at it? Or did you just give it the up and down, the once over, look at the price and decide, meh it’s not in my price range? Did you beat yourself up over not being able to get it? Did it make you feel like less of a man, or make you feel insecure? I hope not, because this is how you should be looking at and reacting to women.

You can desire something without desperation, you can move on from something with out huge sense of loss. A tv is just a thing. Are women really any different?

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