To Seduce, Or To Be Seduced? That Is The Question

There are some guys out there, that i believe, absolutely have no idea on how to seduce a woman, that their level of sexual attraction for whatever reason, isn’t high enough on its own to validate taking the being seduced route. For some reason, modern men seem to want to be seduced, out of laziness, or fear of talking to a girl. Some guys fear isn’t even about the rejection, its more of  a stage fright, the in- ability to have a strong social presence in  a room or with a girl. One thing you will always need, in either scenario, is a strong social presence. Be able to talk, mingle, and carry yourself in a way that you know you are the most interesting man in the room.

So most men out of laziness and/or fear, would like a girl to approach them and seduce them, except it doesn’t happen right? Wrong. Men these days just don’t know how to play it. This is an area of game usually left to the naturals to succeed in. Let me explain. Women these days want to seduce men of value. A man’s physical attractiveness (looks+confidence+style+social behaviour) will dictate whether this girl wants to try and sway you over with her feminine whiles, her golden pussy – will she be irresistible to you? Will she be able to make you into a hot cauldron of passion, and have you become an animal at her mercy? DON’T SKIM HERE: This is very important, many men may realize this, or read this and go into the field with the wrong attitude of doing nothing. Do not be too unresponsive to her sexual cues, just don’t react too strongly. You absolutely still have to be the one to eventually make the move.  Like most things women say or think they want, they want the want more than they want the actual. Men live in a real world, women live in their fantasies. On the weekend at a party I over heard two girls talking about if there were any guys in the place –  they were on the prowl – they were talking about who they wanted to go after (they hadn’t seen me yet, obviously). This is just one example that despite how they seem to be, act, or say, western women are and will be hunters now. Accept it, and we can move forward.

Women do not know what they want. Or they can’t accept that they emotionally or physically want something other that their rationalization computer is spitting back at them. Some hot girls approaching the wall will deny what is actually in her loins and heart (same thing) and go with a beta beard that they can control. They control not getting hurt by an alpha male that will take her on a roller coaster ride of passion and emotions – most likely she’s had one in the past and been hurt, now cannot let herself get into a similar position. By the way, what i just wrote, is a great seduction line. Pointing out how a girl is being defensive with her emotions, and pointing out that she’s denying her natural impulses, said in the right way, with the right undertones, and a certain unspecificness to you – will have her legs open on demand, she’s already gushing. Easiest way to seduce a girl is show her how in tune with her feelings you are. The computer goes off in her head, the shields go down, she’s ready for anything. You can move as fast as you want after that soldier. It’s easy to do, if you are watching her reactions and you have a lot of experience with girls. I can judge what angle to use on a girl, if any, in a 5-10 minute conversation, 30 seconds for the sluts. And it’s all about what angle you need to get in there with. So you can seduce. But this requires advanced technique in order to effectively mind trick her. On to being seduced.

Like i stated above, most western women want to be the seducer these days. Not in the traditional sense of the word, but they want to be the one who swayed you – most especially when she perceives you as a high value, or alpha male. She will throw out signals to you, hoping you will pick them up, this is a seduction, she will wonder if you are going to make a move – she will get more and more insecure and try harder to sway you into ravishing her the more you tease her with her so-called power over you. The more you tease her during her seduction, the more intense the cock sucking, flooding vag’s, pulsating orgasms will be. This can turn women into a frenzy of passion and wonder. The reason? Every guy is trying to bang her all the time. If you make obvious moves with not sluts (they’re all sluts, the commonly defined sluts just work with obvious tricks) the more her shield will be up. You are there just to hang out, you don’t really see her as girl friend material, you don’t care whether you fuck or not. (ok, you know you do, but you’ve got to just let that sit in the hindbrain). Basically, don’t show your hand to western women too early. Hold your cards to your chest. She will be bluffing and calling and raising all the time. The longer this goes on, the more she will be in complete awe of you. This, this is what i call work. This game is the most effective of them all, because the level of devotion and sexual delight you bring out in a girl, will be the most intense. This will of course be because she has been the one investing in  you the entire encounter. You have been the one being chased. It is a game that requires patience and control, also strong social awareness – like if you don’t actually act on it – if you are a white knight, and don’t close the deal, because you don’t want to think that a girl will be that slutty with you on the first nite, then you will fail. This is not a game for white knights. If you don’t pick up on her sexual cues and her seduction, you are in the friend zone. A zone impossible to get out of. This is also the game that white knights attempt to do the most, but it requires very high-ranking skill. Naturals excel at this, especially when they have multiple girls on the go.

Ok, so you’re asking, Donlak, you gave me two options, which shall i choose? Well young soldiers, it depends on the girl. Let’s break it down for you. There are two types of western women out there now, they are passive or aggressive. (a passive aggressive will fall into the aggressive category.) Finding out which type you are dealing with will need to be your first priority, and done either before you are interacting with her, or the first 10-15 minutes.

Type 1) The passive girl. Or what i like to call, the feminine girl. These are ultimately the ones you want for your LTR. She’s marriage material if you are seriously considering taking a death march – she will be a bit shy, hard to bring out of her shell, she’ll giggle a lot and change the subject often – she will be so submissive it will be hard to not give in to completely dominating her (it will be your instinct to – to go for the kill, but don’t) you cannot completely dominate this one, she will close up and be afraid of you. You’re power and amazingness can be too much for her. You have to be a little softer for this one. Finding out how she is feeling inside (usually you can say something about insecurity, or wanting to feel special, some crap like that) will get you pretty far right away. This one is all about comfort, and about you leading the seduction. Do not do asshole game on this girl. You’ll be blown out. Do not wait for her to make any moves, she won’t. You must do the traditional type seduction, escalating slowly and steadily for your encounters. These are the ones that I won’t mind not sleeping with on the first night. But heed my warning, these can be the most damaging to you. Damaging because it will be easy to be charmed by her femininity and demureness, her submissiveness can lead you astray into thinking she’s special and must completely adore you. In fact, these girls tend to not show her cards to you very soon – she will take a longer time to become completely yours. No matter how alpha you are, she is passive, you must be the seducer, but not too aggressive.

Type 2) Aggressive. The bulk of the females out there fall into this category. They are easy to spot. Are they babbling incessantly on about nothing? Trying to not let you change frames or lead the conversation? Is she all over the map? Will she go on and on about herself trying to tell you how great she is, or how happy she is, or how wonderful she is? Is she busy all the time? Will she ever shut up? Ever try to put a move on this girl too soon? She’ll either cut you off from seeing her, try and shame you right then and there, or pretend it’s not happening. She wants to control a man, mostly as i said above, because she knows if she lets her guard down, she runs the risk of falling hard for you and being a pump and dump. The more she acts like this, the more money you are to her. I know, this seems completely illogical, but we’re dealing with girls here, not men. I’ve been in this situation, and had not been paying attention to my own advice, and i found myself wondering why the hell is this girl acting this way, its clear she’s attracted to me? Quite simple, your power and amazingness overwhelms her, and even though this is a major turn on, these girls are all about control. They want to control you because they don’t want to get hurt. They want very desperately to control their hearts that they will avoid sleeping with you, because they would have to submit to you, and they know you will dominate them completely, because its what they actually want. Heed my warning here, these girls can be the easy fuck if played right. That’s where you need to be seduced by them. Being alpha doesnt always mean displaying your domination over a women with in a obvious bull rush technique, this is where aloofness works. You must be slightly oblivious to her actions and her babblings. You must be able to pick up on her sexual cues in order to see if you should proceed or not, but under no circumstances can you touch her in a dominant manner too early, or around other people. Isolation is the major factor with these girls. You must find a way to isolate her. The toughest part with these girls, is that you aren’t seducing them, but you do make a suggestion, that’s fairly obvious, but told to her like it’s not about sex,  to change venues. You’re non-reaction to her seduction usually will get them to sneak off with you. Because you’re a challenge. Once alone then things will get interesting. Once alone, she will either be talking to you without eye contact or touching you, (this means she wants to be taken right away) or she will continue to try and seduce you, until you get home. You can keep up the act no further than sitting down on a couch to keep talking, if you’ve reached that point with out any sexual act going on, you are failing. If you are on the couch you better start shifting gears and stop talking, that’s when she’s ready for you to dominate. Pounce soldiers.

Remember, both these types respond to the less is more strategy. And both times, you will have to ultimately make the move, but the move is not a part of seduction, it is after seduction has taken hold. And you must not display too much interest in either one, ever. Ever. Ever. Being obvious is a thigh clencher,  and you will not be able to pry them open, unless she’s super drunk. You must always be one foot out the door.

There you have it kids, a road map to the insecure minefield that is western women. They are all broken, they have all been hurt – but they all expect things to be amazing. They have enormous entitlement complexes. Be the man they expect, and withhold it from them until they’ve earned it. You will reap amazing rewards.

2 thoughts on “To Seduce, Or To Be Seduced? That Is The Question

  1. Yes, there is a deep need to be seduced or to seduce in most human beings. Yes, most of us play the seduction game more or less consciously or unconsciously all our lives and most of the relationships don’t survive once the seduction phase is consumed. While some couples seem to make some kind of arrangement that works for years for them without the seduction game, friendship, marriage etc., there are also genuine people who would try to uplift their vibration from seduction to love. It’s not a fantasy, it’s a privileged state of being. This might or might not be the life when this could happen but it’s worth trying and hoping for. But if the moment comes when one simply understands that it is not the time for love, he/she isn’t ready and the right person doesn’t appear either, then maybe it’s time to let go the seduction mechanisms and learn to love life and humanity, which should have been the starting point actually.

  2. Those two types are fake. The shy girl usualy is much more …calculating than the agresive one. Most men don’t realise that and end up confused. A shy, sweet girl, so very ‘cute’, kind of hart to get and yet she is still there waiting for someone to ‘catch’ her. Once the man will think he gained her trust she will sleep with him. Sometimes it’s a month sometimes a week. Shy and sweet and yet better sexually experienced than the agressive on? Dear males, get over your own fantasiess. Those are not true.

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