It’s All About Power

In the proverbial dating jungle out there, you must walk through a minefield of feminine craziness that which it’s magnitude has not been seen in history. The modern western world is lost in a sea of lust and entitlement. They don’t even know themselves what they want in relationships or a mate – their inner slut wants a passionate alpha male lust, and their outer social computer says they want someone who will up their social status. In reality if they could, they’d have both, but their social status can override their gina pangs – but her rationalization computer can override her social status belief if the male pulls his seduction weight enough to over come this tricky dynamic. See high status males who aren’t interested in getting married, will play the field endlessly, even high value men who do get married, will still play the field. The latter will be concerned with social status as it relates to his family, and needs a respectful woman to fulfill this need – but he may still play the field in secret to satisfy his lust and access to pussy. (see Tiger Woods).

When dealing with women, at any point, you must hold the cards at all times. You must have the power. You must always be the smarter, cooler, more interesting person in the interaction. You can never give this power away, ever. If she holds any cards, you will find yourself on the first step of her hypergaming you out of your socks. She will constantly test you for your power without resolve. Because as i said before, she wants the want of power, more than the power herself. It’s an amazing aphrodisiac. Women crave power through men. Men crave power over women, and over other men. It’s a timeless fact that has not gone away no matter what the feminist agenda has been spewing out. Relations between men and women will always be a power struggle. You must always maintain hand. This should be guiding you at every interaction, i.e.” does this text, if i send it, give away any power?” If does, don’t send it. It’s always better to walk away, then to be walked away from.

Of course if you are truly a man that gets laid a lot, and truly confident, you can do whatever you want – only because you will never give your power away because it becomes instinctual not to. This is advice for guys out there that either never had this, or lost it due to some LTR and is now facing the cold hard truth of trying to re-learn your game.

The man who is in control of himself, sexually, emotionally, and physically, will never give his power away, because he is a solid immovable rock that cannot be moved by any mere female frame. And this is ultimately what women want. Because they want to try and take it away from you. Their whole being is about trying to take this power away from you, but she doesn’t actually want you to give it up. She loves the challenge, she wants the challenge, until the day menopause hits.

Do not, under any circumstance, believe the white knight/feminazi B.S. that you should be giving power away by ‘making’ her happy by giving into her demands or expectations. You have expectations, if she doesn’t like it, tell her to get lost. Do not give your power away. In a LTR you will unfortunately need to compromise a little bit, this is a fact, but never compromise your principles and values. Ever. No Matter What.

During the initial stages of getting to know a woman, you will not be charmed, swayed, swooned by what a women is saying or doing, you will not change who you are, you will not be anything but a man who is in complete control, and can walk away with a fuck, or without a fuck, with equal dignity and contentment. This will grease the stick of dynamite with cave juice for easy, multiple insertions.

March on Soldiers.

One thought on “It’s All About Power

  1. Thank you for your encouraging words of how to be the “better man”. Though I appear female, and in fact, have been female all my life (sorry t-girls, you’re not girls!!), I have just been through an enlightening experience with a guy who wanted to “be the girl” in our “relationship”. “Being the girl”, to him, meant being a lazy, whiny, bitchy, scheming ass who stole as much as he could carry, giving it away to his other “boyfriends”…who are some female, some male–you have to look under their dress, to be sure.
    In any case, since being around such a suckhole of energy, I am glad that I kicked that bitch to the curb. He is a bonfide jerk and as a “man”, I don’t put up with that kind of stupid shit, just as any real man would not!!
    I love “being the man”!! It’s the best to be the Man when one doesn’t have that lame, retarded sex-drive idiocy problem!! Yes!! I have all the benefits of being the Man, without all the lame drawbacks of that idiot-making sex-drive that kook men have!! Wow…it’s the best…and the Breast!! Cuz, yah, I have huge confidence as anyone would agree when admiring my stunning “power chest” look!!
    People with that idiot stick between their legs? Asses…until proven otherwise…
    Funny thing about men…they all chase puss…slave to their little head they are… And me, without that time wasting lame tard stick of the idiot…now I laugh loud and long at player men and their lame moves & at this jerk that pulled routines on me like he was “the woman”… What an ass!!

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